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O.S. -March 22 10:14 PM O.F. -May 12 10:11 PM

A/N. To my Puck fans: I'm trying to make this totally different from MB's Sisters Grimm Version of Puck. So if you guys don't figure it out soon:

Puck has hazelish green eyes and white hair (not blonde-WHITE; Mustardseed’s the Blondie in this). You know how some people make Puck's eyes shift colors? That's what I'm doing. But his eyes usually shift from green to hazel. Frequently.

And since he’s going to be different, I can’t put so many snarky comments, and make him call Charlotte ‘Grimm’, ‘Stinkpot’, or ‘Dogface’. So sad….This is gonna be hard since I’m so accustomed to Puck being so rude…

Also, sorry it takes me so much time to upload. :P I’m just not very much into it because most of my favorite writers are kind of shutting themselves from Wattpad (You know who you are, if you’re not reading this then obviously it’s you!)… And I made this extra long for your enjoyment!! Cheers!

Chapter 18: Enemy or Acquaintance?

"Please wake up Charlotte," A voice said softly. She stroked her daughter’s face and sighed. The stranger leaning against the hallway frame scoffed.

"She won't be able to wake up soon. She's recovering from the shock, Sis." He had said it as if it was obvious. His heavy English accent was deep and silky.

Mrs. Di Verian glared at him, "Well since you're so almighty, why don't you get her things packed and ready?"

The boy grumbled, "Fine. But no way am I stuffing in pantyhose and those other atrocious feminine objects!" He disappeared upstairs.

Peaseblossom, Charlotte’s mom, let out an exasperated sigh, then looked back at the stairs. The fairy was in her daughter's room, so he probably wouldn’t be able to watch her from that distance. She let the flow of electricity touch her fingertips, and then she gently put her hand on her daughter's forehead.

Charlotte woke up with a gasp, "Alana!"

Mrs. Di Verian sighed with relief.

"You thought I wouldn’t notice, huh?!" Snickering was the fairy boy, who had a small suitcase resting in his hands.

Mrs. Di Verian rolled her eyes, "Oh close up your ego! I appreciate your help, but I'd do without the snarky and rude words."

Charlotte looked confused, "Who's he?"

The boy retorted, "He is right here! He has a voice!" He huffed indignantly, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"He's apparently cross very easily," Mrs. Di Verian muttered, "Charlotte; this is Puck, the fairy who saved you."

Charlotte looked speechless, "P...Puck?"

Puck rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, "No, I'm Peter Hood, or whoever that man's name is!"

“I believe you’re referring to Robin Hood and Peter Pan-“

“Stop! I believe I would know who they were. And I say I’m Peter Hood.”

"You don’t even know your own name?" Charlotte mocked.

"Close up your voice- No one wants to hear it," Puck said, "Or as you city people do it: 'Talk to the hand!'" To show his indignance, he pushed his hand towards her. His hands were covered with soot and ashes left from the burning house.

Charlotte was about to talk back when she realized something, "Mom...Alana's gone, isn't she?"

Mrs. Di Verian hugged her daughter close, "I'm so sorry." Charlotte cried softy into her mother's shoulder.

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