Chapter Three» The Wedding

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Hey guys a little reminder.

Naina and Omar are NOT Cousins.



In life there are moments when all stops and you see your life  playing before your eyes.

It's as if time is put on halt yet it still continues like a mirage in a lonely desert. You see everything you've ever loved tearing apart right before your eyes yet you can't do anything.  It's as though the universe is telling you to be courageous yet your soul is defeated.

I felt defeated today. It was as though I was trapped in a terrible nightmare tearing me apart but my body and mind is screaming. Yelling.

'You're awake, believe in it'.

How could life turns its wheel and spin everything right before your eyes?

Crashing everything down?

I didn't expect him to agree to this. Deep down I knew he would walk out of the room; leave us hanging yet he didn't. He stayed. He agreed to marry me and quite frankly I was scared of that. I didn't know him. I didn't know anything about him.

I could feel my body shaking slightly as images of the events flashed before me. Aunt Farah had come inside the room and broke down. Her small petite form shaking  as Elena and Rahema rushed towards her. The once quite room was now lifted in to an uproar as Uncle Huzaifah and my father walked inside the room.

The look of utter disgrace and shame played on uncle Huzaifah face as the first thing my Abba did was walk towards me and embrace my form.

I, at that moment didn't know anything. It was as though my ears were stitched tightly and my mouth was taped. The only source of reality was the squeezing of my Abba's hand as he held me.

Protecting me. Shielding me.

The once quite room had been flooded by my aunts and uncle as Uncle Huzaifah and Dada - his father listened to the letter, their face paling . In that moment there was no greater humiliation and shame casted on him as Arman read the letter loudly; his form shaking with fury.

" Abdullah.. What will happen now?" My mother begged my father. Her eyes pleading with fear as my father held me tightly; his dark blue eyes swirling with fury.

I could feel the beating of my fathers heart as he stood up walking past my mum and towards uncle Huzaifah.

Everyone in that moment froze unable to do anything. The once uproar had dimmed down to silence seeing the large built man walk dangerously. I felt my heart beating rapidly as my palms sweated furiously not knowing what will happen.

Uncle Huzaifah father Dada, sat down next to his sons. Utter humiliation filling their features, unable to say anything. Unable to do anything.

We had expected for the worse yet it was as though the wheels of fates started spinning as the white door - which was once crowded with my cousins, was pushed open with a loud thud.

If there had been a moment in life that had stopped everything. That had questioned the sanity of the events, was the pushing of the large door.

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