Bad start

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Well today's the big day. I was assigned to tell him,put him in a nappy, and dress him.

I have not been felling myself these days. I have been trying to be bad so I can get a spanking then cuddles! I really just want more att-.
"Nathan!!" He heard as he walked down the stairs to find all the boy sitting in the sofas
(BTW that all have already gone and got the stuff and they decided they would all put him into his clothes instead of just jay)
" What's going on?!?" Nathan said.he was getting scared. then he saw the boys glancing at each other. "NOW" siva screamed. the next thing he knew he was being talked on the ground by jay,tom,and Max. siva slowly pulled off Nathan's clothes and put him In a nappy,a light green onzie, with him slideing a orange dummy in the boys mouth.nathan was softly crying saying "why?!". They sat him on the sofa and told everything. they where suprised when nathan said yes!
Sooo how was chap 2?? Please send I'm promps!!


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