Chapter 18. Cold War.

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What am I even doing here?

I'm not supposed to be here.

I'm not supposed to come at patuloy na makipag-iwasan.

I was just staring blankly at the ceiling in my office nang puntahan ako ni Hanz at Drew.

"Dude, pack up and let's go." bungad ni Drew

"Nope. I'm staying."

"What the hell am going to do with you?" si Hanz

"Nothing. I just need some---"

"Air! You need some air. Twix's friends are already there. Everyone's expecting you." si Drew

I raised my brows.

"If you're worried about Ellah's rules, pare, ibibili ko kayo ng beers."

"May iniiwasan ka ba?" si Hanz

I glared at him and I hate the way he can predict things just by looking.

"Enough about it---or her. I don't care if she's there."

"I never said anything about 'her', I just asked kung may iniiwasan ka." nakangising sagot ni Hanz


"You know, if you want to stay away from her, then do so. But which do you think is easier, play casual and pretend that you and Ruby never met or...go to Villa Yelena and deal with your folks?"

Damn it!

I forgot about the 'family dinner' every Saturday evening.

Napabuga ako sa hangin.

"Sometimes, I just hate that mouth of yours, and I hate how you use that in negotiations." pagdadabog ko

Tumawa lang si Hanz and Drew was grinning.

Pinindot ko ang intercom at pinaalam kay Lucia that I'll take the time off.

"I'll just get my things. I'll use my MB kaya magconvoy na lang tayo."

The two men beamed at nagfist-bump pa.

And now here I am...

Gathered around the bon-fine at pilit na iniiwas ang tingin ko sa kanya.

She just finished singing and I almost lost my self-containment nang dahil lang sa napakagandang boses niya.

God knows how much I tried so hard not to look at her pero may mga pagkakataong nakakanakaw-tingin ako sa kanya.

Damn those beautiful eyes and lips na ni walang bahid ng make-up. Her face is naturally rosy and flawless, and damn those curvy hips na binagayan ng mahaba at makinis niyang legs.

How could she wear those mini denim shorts?!

I swear I could carve all the men's eyes in this place dahil ayokong may ibang lalaking nakakakita sa kanya.

And you think you're the only exception?


I'm actually thinking like a possessive and jealous boyfriend, and we don't even have that kind of relationship.

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