Chapter 19: An Unexpected Guest

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"Can you try to focus on your homework and stop staring at me?" My eyes didn't even leave my book, but I knew that Yongguk was looking at me.

"I can't concentrate. It's so boring," Yongguk whined. I said that he could come over to my house so I could help him with homework but he hasn't even touched any of his work yet.

"How did you even make it to high school with the grades that you have??"

"Hi Jieun, hi Yongguk. Jieun I have to talk to you about something," Mom came down the stairs, "Tomorrow I'm flying out to Daegu so do you want me to call grandma to watch you for a few days?"

"What? I can stay by myself."

"I can stay with her," Yongguk raised his hand and mom and I both shot him a look. At least mom wasn't crazy enough to let Yongguk stay overnight with no parental supervision. Even though that is totally something I would expect from her.

"I don't feel safe leaving you alone though so I'll go call grandma to stay with you...but Yongguk, feel free to come by whenever you want---just don't stay the night."

[the next day]

"So when is your babysitter coming?" Yongguk teased me after mom left for the airport.

"I don't know, but I'm too old for a babysitter. I don't know why she had to call my grandma to watch over me."

"Let's not waste any time, because once she's here, I won't be able to do things with you."

"What are you talking about? We can still do stuff together. You can come over and do homework or we can watch movies--"

"No not those kind of things, like this," He hugged my waist and bent down so that our foreheads were touching. He kissed my cheeks and once on the lips.

"You're right," I mumbled, "Don't do things like that when my grandma gets here."

"Then we shouldn't waste any time, right?" Yongguk smiled at me and I shrugged shyly.

[Yongguk's POV]

"Right?" I said again. She bit her lip and nodded. I like it better when she acts like this and not when she's pushing my face away, like she usually does. She closed her eyes and I kissed her, but it wasn't a peck like last time. I love kissing her.

I moved my head to pull away but felt her hands reach my cheeks and she continued the kiss. She always acts so confident and stubborn but nervous whenever I kiss her, which I thought was really cute.

"Your mom never told me that you would have friends over."

I felt her whole body tense and she pushed me away from her.

"Who are you...?" I stood in front of Jieun once I saw an unknown man standing in the doorway.

The man was about my height and wore a business suit, "I'm Jieun's father, who are you?" He crossed his arms."

"Uh--uh I'm....Jieun, is this really your dad?" I turned my head to see Jieun still facing the wall and not towards her "dad." 

"Jieun, aren't you going to say hi to me?" The man still had his arms crossed and wore a stern look on his face. 

Jieun sighed and slowly turned around, "What are you doing here?" I couldn't tell her emotions by the tone of her voice but that wasn't the way I'd expect her to greet someone. 

"Your mom called me to stay with you for a few days."

"Why you? I thought she was going to call grandma."

"She thought that it would be a nice surprise for us to see each other," he started walking forward with his arms open, but Jieun stepped back. 

My first reaction was to keep my stance and serve as a barrier between Jieun and her dad, "Jieun is probably surprised to see you here, maybe you should come back later." I tried to say in a polite way. 

That earned me a glare and a scoff from her dad, "What? Are you trying to protect her from her own father?" I wasn't sure what kind of situation Jieun had with her dad, but she was obviously unhappy about him being here. 

"It's ok Yongguk," Jieun put her hand on my shoulder and I unclenched my fist. Which was a good thing because I had the urge to punch this guy, even if he was her dad.  "So you're going to be staying here while mom is gone?"

"Yes, I hope we can enjoy our time together," Her dad had on a smile again but it turned into a scowl when he faced me, "You could leave now."

"No," Jieun spoke up, "He's my friend. Mom said it was ok for him to come over."

"Well you guys looked a little too friendly when I walked in." Oh right. I forgot he walked in on us, but still, the way this guy was looking at me really pissed me off.  "You shouldn't even be having boys over."

"Maybe you should be the one to leave." Jieun's mouth dropped when I said that and she looked as if she was scared about what he dad's reaction would be. 

"Your name is Bang Yongguk, isn't it?" Her dad smirked. 

"You know who I am?"

"I usually don't remember my company's interns by their name, but you stood out to me the most."

"You interned for my dad??" Jieun asked in shock. 


"Uh..." I began, "last summer, my dad got me an internship but..."

"But he rarely showed up. And when he did, I remembered he would start fights with the other workers. He was the worst intern I've ever had. I even got a lawsuit because of him. The only reason you got that job was because I owed your father a favor, but that was the biggest regret of my life." 

"Is that really the only regret you have?" Jieun frowned. 

Her dad sighed and looked defeated, he obviously wasn't getting on Jieun's good side, "Alright, what about this, I'll stay in a hotel for tonight to give you your space, but I have to come back tomorrow because I won't allow you to stay home alone."

"Fine, whatever," Jieun said her final words and her dad got his suitcase and stepped out the door. 

" you and your dad not have a good relationship?" It never even occurred to me that she would have a dad, actually. 

"No, why would you say that?" She stared at me blankly and I was honestly so confused. 

"Uh..w-well...just a while ago, it looked like you really didn't want him here??"

Jieun tapped her chin, "Hmmm. I did come off as mean didn't I? I guess we don't have the best relationship, but that's only because I don't really know him. I think he and my mom divorced when I was like 3 so we're not close...But I guess it's just weird that he's staying to watch me when I haven't seen him since I was probably 9."

"I guess I didn't leave a good impression on him today..."

"But he said he already knew you from before, so he would have hated you either way."

"But my parents like you and I want your parents to like me." I explained. 

"My mom likes you, isn't that enough?"

It didn't seem like enough though. I wanted to get Jieun's dad to like me too. 

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