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"Happy birthday Lauren!" Lauren groan when she felt someone is above her, going up and down making her bed creaks. She can't breathe at this point because the person who's on top of her weighs like two times than her size. But she just know it's her best friend anyways

"Ugh Dinah would you get off of me?" Lauren ask still groaning

"Damn girl i'm the first person to congrats you and this is how you repay me?" Dinah said. Lauren sits up and stretch her arms out, rubbing her eyes too

"Thank you Dinah" Lauren said with a sarcasm face plastered on her

"I invited Mani here she should be in a few minutes or-"

"Where is Lauren my little dumpling? My precious baby is growing up!" Both girls turn their heads around and found Normani has entered the room. Dinah hugged the girl and Lauren does too

"Happy 19 birth day my cupcake" Mani said pinching Lauren's cheek

"Ow Mani! You know i don't like it when you do that" Lauren said scowling her best friend

"But i miss you so much. How's college?" Lauren ask as she give her best friend another hug while Dinah's gone to Lauren's kitchen and ask for one of her maid to make the three of them mac and cheese

"Good i've been good. But today we're celebrating you okay?" Mani said and Lauren nods

Lauren, Normani, and Dinah sits in the table together, eating their fresh baked mac and cheese. The Unholy Trinity, as they like to call themselves, are united once again. They've missed each other too much. Dinah talks about her acting life. She just got another promotion or another film to do, while Normani's doing fine in her dental class back in Miami. And as for Lauren, well she has her mini concert in 10 state and she has done 1 so 9 to go

And since today is Lauren's 19th birth day, she decided to held a big party. Well not to big but she'll definitely invite her brother and her sister with some of her friends back home and friend she just know in the industry. She decided not to invite her parents or else they'll know Lauren's behavior in parties

The Unholy Trinity decided to go and shop for clothes for tonights party. There are paparazzi every where, snapping pictures of them. Dinah and Lauren didn't mind but Normani's a bit afraid when one paparazzi ask her a very sexual question. As they arrive at the mall, fans are swarming at them asking for selfies and videos.

"This is cool. What'd you guys think?" Normani said holding out a dark blue tight dress

"You should try it. How bout mine?" Lauren said holding out her black crop top with matching black skirt and a transparent cover alls

"That actually looks good. Dinah are you ready to try your clothes?" Mani ask and Dinah nods

The 3 girls try their clothes and decided that they're buying the clothes for Lauren's birth day party. When they're done paying, Dinah got hungry and go to McDonald's to buy burgers and fries. Same goes to the other two girls

Lauren opens up her twitter. She scrolls down through her timeline. She followed some fans and she chuckled when they comment something funny about her. She love her fans. But something caught her eye

Black Sakura is my favorite froyo of all time. Thank you for tonight too. You know who you are

Lauren smiled warmly when she tweeted that. She can't stop thinking about the girl. Although she have to admit she still miss her ex. But Camila has always the way to capture that tiny heart of hers. She decided to tweet something

I can't stop thinking about yesterday. Mostly about you... Only you

Lauren exit her twitter and her focus is back to her friends. Apparently they're talking about Dinah's love life now. Lauren's not paying any attention but she just smile looking at her two best friends being all goofy about beyoncè now. "Aw Lolo's missing out the fun" Dinah said pouting

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