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First letter of first name:

A- Lemon
B- Quick
C- Eagle
D- Jumping
E- Pale
F- White
G- Black
H- Heather
I- Lost
J- Fern
K- Ice
L- Adder
M- Mist
N- Log
O- Courage
P- Tooth
Q- Lizard
R- Wolf
S- Cub
T- Turtle
U- Wind
V- Shadow
W- Brook
X- Stream
Y- Tiny
Z- Finch

First letter of last name:

A- Gorse
B- Wing
C- Song
D- Rose
E- Dawn
F- Claw/Gaze
G- Bush
H- Stride
I- Bright
J- Flame
K- Flower
L- Jay
M- Daisy
N- Poppy
O- Olive/owl
P- Sky
Q- Feather
R- Tide
S- Sand
T- Fang
U- Flick
V- Leap
W- Spring
X- Moon
Y- Leaf
Z- Step

Comment what you got!
I got Fernclaw! Or Ferngaze!

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