Are you jealous? ft. Tauriel

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Thanks to two of my great readers for the idea! Until next time :)
And just to avoid confusion, Y/H/N means your horse's name and Y/R means your race.

I couldn't stop laughing at the attached video! Enjoy :)
From Rose.





You watch as Legolas and Tauriel play in the water, playfully splashing each other and swimming together. You hated the water, just the idea of swimming made you shiver. You wanted to be in the water, playing with them-you wanted to be with Legolas.

You've loved Legolas ever since you laid eyes on him. You loved everything about him; his luscious hair, his soft eyes, his smile... Of course, Legolas and you are just friends.

But you knew that Legolas loved Tauriel. Even King Thranduil, his father, said that Legolas had feelings for her. You envied Tauriel so much. You knew that Tauriel had Legolas wrapped around her finger. Legolas would go anywhere that Tauriel would go.


It's been centuries since Tauriel has left for good. You don't know what Legolas has been up to. He's been acting a bit stubborn and moody ever since that day, but you knew it was just because Legolas missed Tauriel. But, you were always there for Legolas, you want to help him, but since he is your crush, you want to be with him even more.

"Y/N?" You heard Legolas say as he snapped you out of your daydream. You looked up and saw Legolas with Arod and your horse. "Would you like to go for a ride along the river bend?"

"Y-yes?" You replied unsteadily. Once again, you were afraid that you would fall into the steep river with the water colliding, almost like the water is screaming for you to fall in. But, you wanted to seem brave in front of Legolas.

"Great, meet me in front of the gate in ten minutes, you might want to wear something more comfortable." Legolas looked down at your outfit, you were only wearing your blue dress. You could see blood flow into Legolas's cheeks as he slowly scanned your body.

While you were changing, you couldn't stop thinking about Tauriel. Even though she was gone, you still had your doubts.

You knew that you couldn't compete with Legolas love. You were just an ordinary elf. You kept telling yourself that you weren't good enough for Legolas.

You saw Legolas at your meeting spot with Arod. You saw another horse with pale white skin and a snow white mane. That was your horse, Y/H/N

"Shall we begin?" Legolas asks you as he mounts his horse. You simply nod.

You follow Legolas out and into the forest while you gasp at the sight of the blue river. Oh save me, Y/H/N. You thought.


Legolas's P.O.V:

An hour ago...

I got the "go ahead" from the head guard to ride along the river. I just wanted some time to spend with Y/N. I haven't really talked to her much after Tauriel left. At least, I wasn't the same.

I found Arod struggling in the grasps of the horse keepers. I guess since Arod is my new horse, he isn't used to the people in his surroundings, except me, of course. I quickly strapped my belongings into Arod and headed towards the meeting place for Y/N and I.

A few minutes later, I saw Y/N in her riding clothes and she looked stunning. I couldn't help but stare for a while.

"Shall we begin?" I ask. Y/N replies with a nod. For some strange reason, Y/N seems different. Usually, she is very excited about riding, but not this time.

As we approach the river, I could hear a small gasp. It's probably the wind. It couldn't have been Y/N. She is fearless. When I turn around to see what the sound was, I saw Y/N with a scared look on her face. Now, I could see the army of Orcs as they were inching towards us. I took out my bow that was placed on my back and readied an arrow. I started shooting as many Orcs as I could and I would make sure that none of them touched the Y/R who stole my heart.


Your P.O.V:

You watched Legolas as he shot as many Orcs as you could. You were shooting with him, but you weren't as good of a shooter as him since you didn't have much experience with a bow and arrow.

You gasped as an Orc grabbed you by your hair and threw you so you were inches away from the river. Orcs surrounded you on all sides, which made exits unlikely to appear. The only escape route for you was the river. And that is what you decided on. You put on a brave face, held your breath and rolled into the water.

As you sank deeper into the river, you couldn't reach the surface anymore. You tried to swing your arms up and down and frantically kick your legs, hoping to swim back to the surface. But your lungs continued to whine for air as you made no progress. You decided to give up. There was no use of trying anyways.

Legolas probably left. You thought. Legolas isn't as good of a friend as I thought. He doesn't love me like I thought. Just as you thought no one would come to your rescue, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and pull you up. You blacked you for two reasons; out of shock from the miraculous rescue and your lack of oxygen.


The first thing you saw was a bright light. You let out a soft groan because your head still hurt for some reason. You squeezed your hands and felt a soft yet strong hand holding your right hand.

"Y/N!" Legolas whispered with glee, "you are awake! Thank Elentári that I have seen you in time. A few seconds later and you could have been dead!" So Legolas was the one that hoisted you out of the river. You thought it was someone random who was simply taking a stroll.

"Why? Why didn't you just leave me? The orcs could have gotten you." You said as you noticed the blood and bruises on Legolas's face.

"I would never leave without you, Y/N... Because I love you." Legolas said. You closed your eyes and felt soft lips on yours. Maybe that could be your happy ever after.

Oops, once I read this over, it made completely no sense... Sorry, I still tried. Anyway, let me know if you are confused still. But other than that, have a great summer break!

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