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"Create your team with the best people from all the departments" A superior advised his assistant.

Superior: Intha case evalo important nu theriyum ila Akilan.

Akilan: Theriyum sir.

Superior: Be careful.

He nodded.

Superior: Team la yaar yaar irukanum nu theriyum la. Make the best team. Future la vera cases la kuda useful ah irukum.

Akilan: Sure sir.

Superior: Oru legal advisor, public prosecutor, local police office, oru forensic expert, and oru admin officer.

Akilan: Okay sir.

Superior: From our team, you and Dhilip will be responsible. You both should be in the team.

Akilan: Okay sir. I'll inform him.

Superior: You can go now.

He came out.

Dhilip: Ena machan, ena aachu?

Akilan: Oru team form pannanum aam.

He explained to him.

Dhilip: Intha case thalavali ah irukum nu naama nenachom la.

He nodded.

Akilan: Sari va. we have to do some research for choosing people.

After 2 days,

Akilan: Sir, here is the list of people who we have chosen to create a team.

He looked into the file,

Superior: Good one, Akilan. Yaar choose panna neengala Dhilip ah?

Akilan: Dhilip chose forensic expert and admin officer. I chose the remaining.

Superior: Great.

Akilan: Thank you sir.

Superior: Arrange for a meeting.

Akilan: Sure sir.

Next day,

Everyone arrived at the conference hall of the CBI head office, Akilan entered the hall and was shocked. He went out suddenly and called Dhilip,

Dhilip: Machan, busy da. Will be there in a few minutes.

Akilan: Hey, forensic expert name ena?

Dhilip: I think Aditi krishnan.

Akilan: Fu*k.

Dhilip: Yen da?

Akilan: Nalla pandra da.

Dhilip: Ena da aachu!?

Akilan: Onnum ila. Vai.

He disconnected the call. Composed himself and went inside. He looked at Aditi. She is not surprised to see him here. There is not even a slight difference in her reaction. He kept her face straight.

Akilan MV: Kal nenja kaari.

Akilan: Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Intha meeting ethuku nu ungaluku elam oru doubt irukalaam. Vasudevan (superior) sir will explain your purpose here.

Vasudevan: Good morning, everyone. so, we were choosing the best team to assist us in the case. Na itha Akilan kita sollum pothu, I thought he would choose people with greater experience. But other than public prosecutor, he chooses students or freshers as a legal advisor, forensic expert, local police officer, and manager. But I trust him. Hope you guys will rock.

Vasudevan: If it's okay for you, would you all like to join the team?

Vasudevan: I will ask one by one.

Public prosecutor, Mr. Manikandan. Would you like to join the team? Unga experience definite ah ivangaluku oru learning platform ah irukum.

Manikandan: Sure sir. With pleasure. ennala mudincha help na pandra.

Legal advisor Ms. Sumathi. Would you like to join the team?

Sumathi: I am happy to be part of the team.

Local police officer, Mr. Jagan,

Jagan: With pleasure sir.

Manager, Ms. Shakthi, oh, you are the youngest here. Would you like to join?

She nodded happily.

Finally, the forensic expert, Ms. Aditi Krishnan, would you like to join the team?

She smiled.

Akilan: That damn smile.

He said to himself and turned away.

Aditi: Sure sir.

Vasudevan: So, I am leaving for now. Akilan will lead the team and Dhilip from our team will join with you soon.


Akilan: So, Dhilip will be joining in a minute. I will explain the case details after that. Do you have any questions before that?

Sumathi: Yes sir. So, naanga daily inga vanthu report pannanum ah?

Akilan: Not necessary. Ithu neraya peruku romba thooram. So, we will fix a common place.

They nodded.

Dhilip: Hey Hey sorry guys. Got stuck with some other work.

They introduced themselves.

Someone: Akilan sir, you are needed for the meeting.

Akilan: Sorry guys, i forgot about that meeting. We will discuss the case details tomorrow and i will text you  the location. is it okay?

They all nodded.

Akilan: And one more thing. You can call me Akilan. Sir elam venam.

Everyone nodded.

Dhilip: Neenga en morachite irukeenga.

Dhilip asked Aditi.

She took her files and said,

Aditi: En moonje apdi thaann.

Dhilip: Ohhh. Okay fine.

Dhilip: Let's meet tomorrow guys.

So, guess panni irupeenga ila. Aditi thaan heroine and Akilan thaan hero. Ellarukum pudikum nu nambara.

Let me know if you have any comments.

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