[ Chris POV ]

I woke up and my head was hurting real bad along with my side.That nigga Roc just came in here trying to be super man.Breeanna is real funny, she doesn't know what I'm capable of.I LOVE HER! but her ass doesn't listen.All I want is a baby from her and for us to live happily ever after.

I want another child to replace that empty space, that space where my baby girl Isabella is suppose to be.I can't use Andrew, Kaylen, or Miracle for that spot because their Roc's kids. -_- Don't you get it? THAT'S ALL I WANT! Is a happy ending.Yeah, I may have went to far with trying to force Bree but it's the only way to do things with her.Truly.....I love Bree with all my heart.

I mest up and broke up with her like a dummy.That just gave Roc a chance to take her back and I don't want that.She belongs with me.I want to marry Bree and die together one day.The easy way wont work so we'll be doing this the hard way................................

(( The Next Day ))

It was 3:00 and I was outside of Kaylen's daycare.Bree usually picks her up around 3:20 but today I'm picking her up.I walked in the daycare center and walked to Kaylen's classroom.Hopefully Bree didn't take me off the list yet.Once I walked in the room Kaylen ran up to me.She was still little so she didn't understand anything.Andrew's brain was more matured than her's so I couldn't take him.I looked on the sign in papers to see my name still on there.While smirking I signed her out."Let's go Kaylen" We walked out the daycare hand in hand like father and daughter.

[ Bree's POV ]

"So are we back together?" Roc asked me."I mean, yeah as long as you don't hurt me again because if you do I'm leaving for good and that's a promise--" He cut me off with a kiss."I love you" That was music to my ears."I love you too" Roc and I always found our way back to each other.After we talked for a little I went to go pick up Kaylen.

As I walked in the daycare I had this weird feeling about something but I couldn't figure it out.When I got to her classroom I looked around for her.She was no where."Where's Kaylen?" I asked the daycare lady."Oh, I forgot his name but he's the one with the dimples.He came and got her" The fist person that came to mind was Kye, he has dimples.

"Alright, thanks" While walking out I called him."Hello?" He answered."Hey, you picked up Kaylen from daycare?" "Naw, why would I do that without telling you?" By this time I was back at my car.There was this envelope on the door."I'll call you back" I hung up and opened up the envelope.

{{ I have Kaylen.Don't you dare call the police or else.Meet me at the white house on 2nd street.DO  NOT BRING ANYBODY NOR TELL ANYBODY.Remember your daughter's life is on the line......Love Chris <3}}

My heart started to skip a beat.All I was worried about was getting Kaylen back safely.I quickly drove to the white house on 2nd street.Nothing else ran threw my head at the moment.I got out the car and banged on the door.It opened and I was pulled in by this big dude.Where the hell do these big dudes come from? Chris sat on the couch with Kaylen in his lap.

"Hwi momy" She told me.She was to little to understand anything."H--" "Go play in the room Kaylen" Chris cut me off.My blood boiled as I eyed him.Kaylen got off the couch and skipped to the room.In her head Chris is a good guy."What do you want from me?" "If you don't want to put your daughter in danger than you must follow and do as I say" I didn't want to be near Chris but I would do anything for my daughter.

"Fine" "Your going to have my baby.Your going to stay here the whole nine months.After you have him or her then your going to marry me and live happily ever after.If you choose not to then Kaylen dies" What the fuck was his problem? "You wouldn't kill her" "Oh, I surely wont but he will.Try me" He pointed to the big guy that answered the door.He had a gun in his hand."You do as I say, I let Kaylen go.Deal?" What could I do? I wasn't letting my baby girl get kilt."Dea-l"


 [[[[[[[ Chris nasty old scum bastard -_-

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