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Clearly a lot of you that read my stories do not follow me on Wattpad because I've posted a lot of messages there lately that people haven't really paid any attention to.

So, here's the thing. I'm not writing this fanfiction anymore. I'm not writing any of the fanfictions currently up on my Wattpad anymore.

I have a new account (sentientsestra)! If you'd like to follow it, you can. However, I am only working on original stuff there for the time being (and probably forever honestly).

I know a lot of you only read my stories because you like Destiel or Sabriel or whatever else. I don't even watch Supernatural anymore. So, I'm really sorry. I'm not into these fanfictions anymore. I wanted to write something I was passionate about.

I would appreciate it if maybe you gave my new original story, Immortal War, a read.

Thank you and I'm sorry.



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