Life is hard

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Ugh! I got out the tub and put on my underwear and bra and went out into my closet. I put on some jeans with a misfit sweatshirt and my Jordan's.. I grabbed my wallet keys and headed downstairs to eat.

Dani:Hi mom

Carrie:Hey hun

(Cj is one now he can walk and talk a little he's at the repeating words stage)

Cj:*runs up to me and hugs my legs*

Carrie:*picks him up* Sup Cj


Carrie:Hi Chris

Chris:Whatever *walks upstairs*

Carrie:*looks down* Uh..Dani you wanna go have girl time?

Danielle:NO I WANT YOU AND DAD TO STOP FIGHTING! *runs to her room and slams the door*

Carrie:*crying* I hate this life *sits on the couch*

Cj:*smiles with dimples*

Carrie:*smiles* Cutie thanks for cheering me up *crying a little*


Carrie:Oh God...

I took Cj for his nap. I wanted to take one but Chris was in our room.

Chris:*on the phone* I don't know man I still love her

Carrie:*listening quietly*

Chris:Nah..yea but she shouldn't have said that!

I was so so sorry!

Chris:I don't wanna have a divorce but if that's what it takes..

Carrie:*runs downstairs*

I'm tired of running over to Destiny's! I'm tired of crying my eyes out! I'm gonna stay here I'm gonna talk to him! My daughter doesn't want anything to do with anyone but Cj! I'm talking to him and he's gonna talk to me! I walked back upstairs and took a deep deep breath and let it out slowly..

Carrie:*walks in* We need to talk!

Chris:For what?

Carrie:This is affecting our kids lives Chris we gotta talk about our problems or we're not gonna get no where

Chris:What if I don't


Carrie:You know what! That day I shoulda killed myself maybe nobody's life woulda been ruined If I wasn't here!

Chris:C no

Carrie:*crying* Maybe I should just KILL MYSELF!

Chris:Shh Carrie *hugs me*

Carrie:Take the ring back! Just take it back I heard you *takes it off and puts it in his hand* *lookin me in the eyes*

Chris:I don't want a divorce

Carrie:*lays on the bed crying* Just leave me alone I need to think

Chris:No! We need I talk like you said

Carrie:Fine. *sits up* I know I was wrong about looking you in the eyes and saying I don't love you. It's not true I will always love you no matter what..and you needa know that

Chris:And I do Carrie! I will never ever leave you don't ever give that ring back! And you need to that!

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