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"Good girl"

I never know these two words could make me so happy

that i would always try to do things to make you happy so i can hear those words

but it wasn't enough

i would break myself if it meant you would be happy but it wasn't enough

and i should be happy because now I know i was stupid to think that

but im not because i would still give up everything for you

ive just learned not to show you that

ive learned to pretend as tho you don't mean anything to me

and maybe one day i wilm stop pretending

i didn't realize it then i was lonely

even tho you were so close i was lonely

if you asked me why

it would be easy to answer

it was because i wasn't happy breaking myself for you yet i would always pretend i was ok with it because as long as you were happy i could be to

but i was wrong

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