"You're Not Crazy"

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"Hey coach." Tal and I greeted in unison as we walked into the gym room. It smelt like sweat, and it was always musty in there, but it was still part of PTM, so we loved it anyways.

"Pass?" Coach Simon asked.

"When have we ever come in without one Coach?" Tal asked with a grin as I handed her the pass.

She took it with a smirk, and directed us to spend the remaining five minutes of class on the benches in the locker room while everyone changed into their normal school clothes.

"You two are a couple of bozos." Coach Simon muttered on her way into her office.

"BUT WE'RE YOUR FAVORITE BOZOS!" Tal and I called back in unison. Yeah, we have a gift for doing that.

I opened up my locker and pulled out my hair brush. My hair was a mess from the attack earlier, and although nobody else would notice, my friends would as soon as they saw me.

"Can I braid it?" Tal asked. Just then the bell rang and I slammed my locker shut.

"As appealing as getting my hair pulled and tugged on sounds right now, I'll have to pass. Cap.'s class is on the other side of the building, and so is your next period. Come on."

I grabbed her hand and we walked upstairs together like we did everyday.

No, I'm not gay - and neither is she - but pretty much everyone who's not in my little gang thinks otherwise. I've just never really seemed to care.

"SAR BEAR!" I heard someone yell. I turned to be pummeled by Gabby - call her by her actual name, Gabriela, and she'll strangle you.

"Oof." I breathed. She may not realize it, but that girl is strong. The impact left me a bit breathless.

"I MISSED YOU!" She yelled again.

"I missed you too." I replied in giggles. "How was Cali?"

"The beaches there are even more beautiful than my butt cheeks bro." She replied.

"Aww, you poor thing. It must have been awful staring at such ugly beaches for two and a half weeks..." Tal said with a laugh. And with that, she took off with Gabby hot on her tail toward their next period.

I was still laughing when I walked into Mr. Carter's class. It was last period of the day, and Tal was so gonna get it when Gabby caught her.

"Why're you laughing kid? Did you look in a mirror again?" Cap. asked as I walked into his class. Bright blue eyes staring at me with a smirk.

"Yup," I answered. "It was your old one, it was funny to see my face on all those cracked pieces."

"You got me there kid," Cap. replied with chuckle. "Go start your warmup, we'll talk later about your little episode earlier."

I slightly froze, but I instantly relaxed, went to my desk, and started my warmup like he asked.

"What year did the war known as the 'Second War of Independance' take place and how did it affect our country as a growing nation?"

That was easy, for starters it took place in 1812, and winning two wars against a strong, established country as a blooming nation is pretty kick butt if you ask me. I grinned at how easy this was, and went to work.

The hour seemed to fly by. I basically rushed through my work. I think my leg bounced the whole period. I just couldn't help it. It comes so naturally sometimes I look down and my leg is just there, bouncing ferociously. And as much as I wanted to avoid making eye contact with the Cap., my desk is right in front of his, making it hard for me to even think.

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