Chapter 23

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If there was ever a time I was missing Blaze now was it. Waking up early was part of my routine and like back home these guys liked to sleep the clock round but there was always one. Standing as close to the bar as I could I felt the bile rise in my throat at the way he was looking at me. I didn't expect anyone to be up which is why I was standing in those tiny booty shorts and a crop top.

"Don't let me stop you darlin'."

Grinning at me I plastered a fake smile onto my face but couldn't move. As much as I wanted to run back the way I came I couldn't. Swallowing the lump in my throat I watched his every movement. Blaze didn't trust him, bad blood between them and for some reason I didn't like him. He gave me a bad feeling in the bottom of my stomach. Just as I turned about to leave his words stopped me.

"You don't look the type to be a play thing sweetheart"

"Excuse me?" I frowned

"Did I stutter?" He asked taking a few steps in my direction. Okay now I definitely didn't like him. "That fucker always gets the sweet ones before he corrupts them. Eve was just like you before that bastard stuck his claws in".

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

Watching the smirk take over his face before he fell in to a fit of laugher I grit my teeth together in anger. Was he playing with me?

"Oh this is to good" he chuckled taking another few steps towards me. "Blaze has a wife sweetheart and if I were you I'd get out before he does what he done to her to you".

Feeling the air leave my lungs I tried to stop the shock from showing. Blaze was married? Masking my emotions I crossed my arms over my chest. How could no one have told me this? I fucking slept with him, heck I lost my virginity to a lying bastard. On the other hand there was always two sides to every story. Yes I was angry at myself for being so stupid and giving in to him but it's not as if we were in a relationship now, we've never been in a relationship at all.

"You'll only get hurt darlin'."

Deciding that I had heard enough I about turned and walked away not stopping until I found the kitchen.

Bringing the coffee cup to my lips I jumped out of my skin when a hand was placed on my shoulder. Turning my head I relaxed when I saw it was the girl from last night.

"Didn't me to scare you toots, you seemed lost in your thoughts. Refill?" She asked nodding towards my cup. "I'm Lexi by the way".

"Erm..yeah please" I said holding out my cup. Considering she was the girl that hit on me I thought it would have been awkward.

"So your Franko's daughter?" She asked taking a seat on the stool next to me. I wasn't in the mood for chatting. My mind was still wrapped up in thoughts about Blaze having a wife but I was going to be stuck here for a few days and it sure as hell would be nice to have a friend.

"The one and only" I grinned placing my mug in front of me." How long have you been here?" I asked trying to make conversation.

"Far too long but I wouldn't have it any other way. These guys are my family and if it wasn't for them I'd probably be dead. Before you ask or jump to conclusions I work in the bar and that's it".

Frowning I picked my cup back up "I wasn't going to ask-.."

"Maybe you weren't but you were thinking it. I'm not a club girl or whore whatever you prefer" she said cutting me off.

"I wasn't thinking that but I'm glad you cleared that up".

Boy this was turning awkward fast.

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