Yn pov

I woke up and say Chris hovering over me i screamed and he covered my mouth:

Chris;i told you i would be back

Yn:(bites his hand and yells)RAY RAY RAY(tries fighting off chris)


Yn:(punches chris and runs downstairs)RAY RAY

I ran downstairs and no one was there. I turned around and Chris was right behind me i ran out the door throwing the door infront of his face stoping him buying me some time i ran to Rays house banging on the door i heard a voice say through the door 'what do you want' it was rays:

Yn;its yn let me in chris is on his way here

Ray:why you dont love me you never did you just want my protection YN I CANT CONTINUE TO LOVE SOMEONE WHO DOESNT LOVE ME




Chris caught up with me and took me back home i kept fighting and puching and screaming ray but i got no help.


His voice sounded like rays.

Dream over*

Ray: yn stop

I looked at ray he had a busted lip and was holding my arms down.

Yn:omg ray who gave you a busted lip

Ray:you did(out of breath)

Yn:i did......ray im sorry

Ray:you started fighting in your sleep for 5 mins straight screaming my name and kicking

Yn:bad dream

Ray:(lets go of my arms and sits on his side of the bed)we cant have a relationship if youre gonna be me up all the time

Yn:whatever(smacks him with and pillow playfully)

Ray:(smiles)so what did you dream about

Yn:(frowns and gets out of bed)leave me alone(walks to the door)

Ray:(stops her and closes the door)what did i do

Yn:(sits back on the bed and covers herself with covers)go away

Ray:tell me what i did first (sits next to her)

Yn:(comes out of covers)you left me you let chris get to me after you earned my trust you just up and left

Ray:id never do that im sorry

Yn:ok i accept apology now go make me food(turns tv on)

Ray:you gave me a busted lip

Yn:true true

Ray:(takes remote)so you should go make me some food

Yn:(takes remote)i let you stay here

Ray:(takes remote)you woke me up from my sleep 2 times not nicely

Yn:(takes remote)this my remote

Ray:(takes remote)not a good enough excuse

Yn:(smacks lips and goes downstairs)

I went downstairs and got out cooking things and I heard a knock at the door and went to go get it. I opened the door and saw Chris

Chris:hey babe