Chapter Thirteen - Alena's P.O.V

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    The day has finally come for the ridiculous dinner party in which Tyler would get on the stage of which is my house and play the role of the perfect preppy rich boy for my parents' friends. It shouldn't matter, none of them really care about me or my life much, so why should my boyfriend have to impress them? 

      I sighed as I tossed my phone across my bed, then got up to face the day. My parents had already been up for a few hours, decorating and picking up wines and catering orders for tonight. I went downstairs to find the whole floor of the house covered in lights; some spots where laced with delicate flowers, the string quartet was in the corner of the living room warming up and rehearsing, my mother pacing around the kitchen, trying to perfectly assemble cheese plates and other selected appetizers. 

       "Princess, does this look okay?" Mom called over to me as I made my way into the room, in awe at how much I slept through. 

       "Does what look okay? The whole house looks beautiful mom. It doesn't even look like our home anymore." I told her. 

       "I meant this table arrangement, but thank you hun." Her attention was drawn to her phone vibrating. She pulled it out of her pocket and tapped away at the screen, replying to a text message from lord knows who; probably about the party tonight. 

      "Mom, people are going to be so busy eating, no one actually cares how it's all set up. Calm down. Everything is going to be fine." I walked over and gave her a side hug, trying to relieve her, if it at all possible. 

       "I'm never hosting one of these things again. From now on, we're going to be one of those families that just shows up to everyone else's events but never reciprocates, okay? Please don't let me go back on that." She sighed, rolling her eyes as she put her phone back in her pocket. 

       "You mean the Robinsons?" I laughed at the mentioning of them. They were a terribly fake family, and no one would mind much if they were actually polite, but everyone wasn't exactly fond of them. But that didn't stop anyone from inviting the Robinsons to things. 

       "Well, yes, but with real money and class." My mom laughed at herself and her response. Perhaps it was rude, or snobby; yes there were much bigger problems in the world, but at the moment I was just glad my mom was laughing and not stressing out, even if it was only for a moment. 

        "I'm going to get ready; Shayna, Jess and I are meeting for brunch, I should be back before noon. Please don't stress mom." 

         "I'll try not to, I love you sweetie have fun!" 

 "Love you too mom!" I ran back upstairs and headed into my closet, scanning for something simple. I landed upon a white blouse and jean capris, with nude healed sandals and my nude Prada cross body that I got for my birthday this past year. I loosely french braided my hair into a low messy bun, brushed my teeth, packed my bag with money and my phone, grabbed my keys and headed down to the garage. 

          The drive was really short, we were only meeting at a small local breakfast diner in the center of town. Once I got there, I walked in to find both of them already seated with filled coffee mugs in front of them. 

          "What can I get for you?" A waitress came to ask me as I slipped into the booth, seating myself next to Jess and across from Shayna. 

          "Chocolate milk would be great, thank you." I smiled to her and she spun on her heals to go get it for me. Yes, I know, I'm eighteen and a senior in high school, why am I ordering chocolate milk while I'm at brunch with my friends? Well, I've never been much of a coffee drinker. So, there you have it. "Good morning girls, sorry I'm late." 

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