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Kaya Dunderfith is the prized Lady in the Dunderfith royal family. She hates her home, the war going on between the Alderfith family and being a Lady. 

 When her brother, Sir Remus, gets chosen to be the next leading general in the war against the Alderfith family, a tragic accident happens, making Kaya hate the war even more. 

 However, a new male from the Dunderfith family is needed to fight in the war, and lead the people to victory. No one in Kaya's family is fit to do so, and Kaya thinks that if no one leads the people, they will lose the war. Losing the war means poverty, devastation and hopelessness for the people of the Dunderfith family. 

Kaya cannot let this happen, so she disguises herself as a young man and joins the army, striving to become the leader. 

 However, what will happen when a traitor from the Alderfith family learns of her secret? 

What happens when she tells her older sister of this plan? What if her sister makes her swear to never fall in love?

 And what about when she starts developing feelings for a certain member in the army?

Thank you to the wonderful inhalingsarcasm for making this beautiful cover for my story! It's wonderful, and I love it!

Please check out the trailer I made for Blossom above. I actually made it and I'm very proud of it!

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