chapter 6

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Jakes POV ~tomorrow~
Ok...this is the big day, jack is going to face a beast but what? I really hope it isnt another werewolf...I was put in a im the dog? Just great...I get led to a giant areana where a million people were walking into, we were going to the top of the was like it was from gladiator times....which it

Suddenly zanes dads voice echoed around the collesium "LADYS AND GENTALMAN I GIVE YOU THE 25TH ANNEVERSARY OF THE BEAST BATTLES.....BEGIN!!" So it brother was pushed out of one of the huge gates as he trebles in his place "JACK!" I shout as he looks at me....he mouths the words to me. 'Im sorry' as tears run down his face.just then another gate opens as the crowd chants "TROGAR" over and over again....a massive beast enters which I belive is a troll?...hack was going to die...almost instantly the troll spots hack and roars deeply as it charges at him....he doges bit is grabbed in mid insticts kick in and I break the leash and run down the steps....zane chasing me...I grab a flag pole from the edge of the areana which had a sharp end...I jump of the safty side and use my pole as a spear and drive it into the trolls roars in pain as I jump off and help jack up and run to the edge and place him there "wait here" I say as I grabbed a bow and sword from the weapon area and fire arrows into its other eye...the crowd is screaming with enjoyment...I get the courafmge out of nowhere as I draw my sword and jump the beats head....slicing it clean off....the crowd went silent as I stand there panting with zanes dads eye on me...

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