Liner Note #4

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Daron here. It's time for a liner note, do you know about Heavy Metal picks? I actually came across the Heavy Metal Picks site because they popped up as an ad on DGC.

They are beautiful iridescent pendants made from handcrafted steel or copper guitar picks, made iridescent by torching them. Some have studs and things added. Each design is named for a song title, too. This is the kind of cool, handcrafted stuff I'd never find without the Internet. (Kahla has an Etsy store too: ) 

Cecilia and I tend to agree on accessories, i.e. neither of us wears much, but this is one thing either of us would put on. She'll never get around to buying one, though. I'm still trying to get her to invest in a new red flannel shirt. The one she's wearing right now is literally worn through in the sleeves. It'll be the third one she's worn down to the threads since the days when we lived in Providence. The first one came from a used clothing shop on Thayer Street, on the second floor above Spats restaurant, if I remember right. The second one came from Salvation Army. The third was bought new at the Britches going-out-of-business sale in the Copley Place mall, probably in 2000. If you go the DRG website, please consider putting a donation in the tip jar so I can convince her the purchase would be justified. (C'mon, Cele, it'll last TEN MORE YEARS...)

So, people have been asking me who my musical influences are, but I think the question they are really asking is something else. The thing is, there are so many, if you're trying to figure out what Moondog Three sounds like from that, it's going to be tough to triangulate. Probably the closest band in sound (and in the difficulty the music business had in classifying them) to us is Jane's Addiction, though we pre-date them by a few years. And no one sounds like Perry Farrell. (Or Ziggy for that matter.)

You'll learn some of my influences as the story goes along. But I'm pretty omnivorous when it comes to music.

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