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One Direction- Bromance Plot #2

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The boys are on their third world wide tour (you can change the location to school and ignore the tour refinances but I did school last time and wanted to mane a different one). They have worked hard on the tour for the whole year and are finally leaving together to go perform. Little do they know that this tour holds more than expected and they will get more than they have bargained for?

Louis and Harry: Louis and Harry are the closes of the group. They hang out a lot and though getting called ‘gay’ by some fans Louis remains in his relationship with Eleanor Calder (you can get a temporary El or maybe just double up?).  Louis however finds he drifting away from Eleanor as the tour progresses, and isn’t feeling the same as he did when they first met. When she leaves from the tour to go model Louis is somewhat relieved. As the tour continues Harry and Louis hang out a lot more and become even closer than before. As they become closer Louis starts to develop feelings towards Harry but being scared of his reaction he ignores the feelings and pushes them aside. Little does Louis know that Harry has found Louis quite attractive since they first met and has liked him for a while? One night before they are about to go perform Louis finds himself in Harry’s dressing room, he plans to tell Harry what he feels but instead he kisses him.  But what will progress from their kiss? Will Eleanor be put out of the picture? Or will Harry be angry? (Just make drama that’s the best way to play it)

Liam and Niall: Liam and Niall are great friends and while on tour spend ever-waking moment together. They are great friends but little does Liam know that Niall is secretly gay and has been for years. Another thing that Liam doesn’t know is that Niall has liked him for all this time and has used their friendship as an excuse to be with him. Niall also knows that Liam is completely straight and so tries to bottle up his feelings and not make it awkward. Liam doesn’t notice Nialls gay until one night while hanging out with Zayn who is openly gay with Josh. While Liam and Zayn are hanging out Zayn decides to point out all the reasons why he thinks Niall is gay. Liam realizes that most of his points are very true and comes to the conclusion that Nialls gay. Niall doesn’t know about Zayn and Liam's little talk so continues to hang out with Liam as usual. That’s until Liam confronts niall about his sexuality. Niall goes into shock and asks how Liam found out, when he finds out it was Zayn who told him he is furious at Zayn. But what will happen to Niall? Will his feelings come out? Or will Liam reject him? (Liam can turn gay after he’s told about Niall being gay or after Niall says he likes Liam)

Josh and Zayn: Josh and Zayn are a couple and they love each other very much! While on tour they continue to date but are ridiculed by management who want them to break up. Not only that but the fans are starting to hate on them and their relationship. While Zayn is very proud of being gay Josh is still a little funny about it and doesn’t like the hate or management Josh starts to get depressed and while Zayn notices this he is to busy on tour to do anything and this makes him feel terrible! Its only one night when he has a go at fans on twitter that management really crack down and force them to break up sending Josh into and even deeper depression. While Zayn continues to keep tabs on Josh and tries his hardest to help him though everything, management bumps up the rehearsal schedule making Zayn and the rest of the boys work harder than ever before. Zayn finds this ridiculous and confronts management again but what will happen? Will Zayn and Josh continue to date or will management make them break up?

-------------------------------------------------------------------à I was in that music video! <3

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