I Hate...

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I hate your smile,

And I hate your voice.

I wouldn't go back,

If I had a choice.

I hate your kisses,

And I hate your eyes.

But most of all,

I hate your lies.

I hate the drives,

That we used to take.

And I hate the way,

You used to wake.

I hate the days,

We laughed and joked.

I hate the manner,

In which you spoke.

I hate that,

I trusted you.

Even though times,

I didn't want to.

I hate the way,

You held my hand.

I hate that you,

Would always understand.

I hate the look,

On your face.

I hate the memories,

Where we would embrace.

I hate your calm,

And easy ways.

I hate that you,

Would disappear for days.

I hate your shoulder,

For when I cried.

I hate the lies,

That you would hide.

I hate the way,

You left me.

And I hate the world,

That you'd see.

I hate how hard,

For you, I did fall.

And finally I hate that,

I dont hate you at all.

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