24|Let Me Sign

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Soooo this is the LAST chapter ;). Im so happy about the success of this book. Im proud of my work and even though there were times where I wanted to give up, yall made me keep going. The views alone pushed me and more so the private messages AND COMMENTS which let me know that you guys were really feeling what I wrote. It's hard to draw things out and try to make it all make sense but it feels good to see it all come together. I want you guys to continue to tell your friends about the book and over the next few days I will be revising and MORE IMPORTANTLY, writing chapters one and two for Blasian II: Forget Me Not.

Yall be ready because things are about to get real! I love you all and I appreciate you guys sooooo much. I am so happy to be starting chapter one of Blasian PART 2 after this!!!! It will be much better and longer and its more planned out and organized than this. Yall enjoy this last chapter of book one...

Two months later...


I decided that today was the day that I had to go introduce my family to Blasian. Not that most of them didn't know her already, but not as my girl. They did not know her as the woman who I had fallen for or ...mpst importantly, as the mother of my child. I was thankful that my family knew that Trey had a girlfriend but never really took the time out to actually know who she was. Trey got extremely quiet and personal about everything once his mom died, so when he and Blasian first met or whatever, no one knew about her. Really only I and Aubree which happened to be my eighteen year old sister knew about her.

It was hard enough dealing with the people who weren't family and trying to explain it to them. I was happy to not have to explain it to anybody but Aubree who probably already knew because she kept up with all the street news and everyone knew about us due to the fact that I wasn't secretive... I wanted people to know that I loved her and that she was mine. Especially now that we found out that she was indeed actually pregnant. And this time, its one kid in there ... Not two.

I had never seen her glow the way I seen her glow these past two months. When she found out about her pregnancy, it was as if I seen a spark in her explode. She became a whole other human who I fell in love with also. It pissed me off just to think about it, because I was supposed to be a OG and here I was, falling for this girl. She was making me soft. I found myself sending edible arrangements and bouquets of flowers while I was supposed to be working at the trap.

We hadn't found out what baby was because she was only three months now but I know she was hoping for a little girl. I on the other hand wanted a little boy to dress like me and to just habe a mini version of myself. A little girl would turn me into a savage and that's not what we needed. I looked over at Blasian as we pulled up to my mama's house. I had moved her into a nice two story crib, in a gated community so that I wouldn't have to worry about these niggas who would dare try me.

"You ready fat girl?" I nudged her as she sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes and looked at me.

Blasian had so much attitude to her now that she hung around Blair. They were one in the same and even though Blair was not pregnant, she was no different. They both acted a hot mess and said whatever they felt and Zeek and I often times looked the other way because what else could we do. They were ours and that's just how they were and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Ever.

"Call me fat one more time Jeremiah Mace King, I swear I will kill you." She eyed me as she slapped my arm.

Blasian reached for her door cueing me that she was ready to get out the car. This made me rush to get out and open the door for her. My lady was not going to strain nor stress. I opened the door and helped her out. Her belly was becoming noticeable and Blasian had gained weight. She was definitely thick is she wasn't before. She liked to call it 'baby weight' when I would tease her.

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