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I hate my life. Why could I be one of the toothpick chicks? My mom like to call me an early bloomer, but I know that it's a nice way to say I'm fat. I have crushes like every other teen, but the boys don't like me back. The ones that do like me, I don't want. Being the school nerd doesn't make it better. Ever since the ninth grade, people would be nice to me near finals to get homework and good grades. Things would've been easier if I was skinny.

"Ms. Smith, I want you to tell me the symbolic message behind the death of the puppy in Of Mice and Men." Mr.Frederick always give me the hard questions. He thought he caught me off guard. I've read that book about six times.

"The death of the puppy symbolizes the death of the woman or the tart." He looked a me with surprised eyes. I smiled right at him. Since he's a first year teacher, he doesn't understand how some students are very smart and know the material, and don't give a damn. Some students are dumb and still don't give a damn.

"Thanks Ms.Smith." He said as he started to write in the board.

"That fat girl always get the right answers! She has to be fucking the teacher." A random boy in the back of the class whispered.

"Hey, Mr.F, I didn't know you like big girls!" The most jerkiest jerk of the school. I am a nerd. I know that's not a word. His name is Rover, but everyone calls him Ro. He has be bullying me since the ninth grade. It was the day that he found out that I liked him.

"You are so huge! I'm surprised that they don't have to get a forklift to get you around school." Brittany, the bitch, said. She picks on everyone to make herself look good. But that doesn't hides the fact that she is the school whore and will fuck anybody that will get her up on the top of the food chain.

"Why can you go hop on somebody's dick and leave me alone." I was done with this bullshit.

Brittany looked at me with a big simle."At least I get laid. I bet you still a virgin." She knew that. I'm not a whoe in training like her. "I bet you don't even have a boyfriend." She laughed.

The tears flowed onto my paper. I stood up and tried to walk out. I tripped over someone's foot and fell in front of everyone.

"Well, lookie here, the fat bitch fell from walking. Let me help you." Brittany kicked my books across the class room. Where is the teacher? In the damn restroom.
"Oops! Sorry." She laughed.
She grabbed my notebook and opened it.
"I may get some home work out of this." She flipped the pages until she landed on my most deepest secret.

"Ariel and Ro forever." She read in front of the whole class.
**flashback ended**

Ever since that day, Ro despise me. He bully me everyday. Him and Brit the bitch are a couple now. They deserve each other.

Don't say that. You still like him. You think about him all the time.
That's my conscious. She always comes out at the wrong time.
I ignored my thoughts and finished my work.

The bell finally rung and I rushed to my locker. I was greeted by an angry Karen.

"What's wrong, Karen?" I laughed nervously.

"Cut the bullshit! I know what happened in first period." Yeah, she's pissed. I started to tear up, and she pulled me into a hug.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why you like him." She whispered.

"The saddest part is that I don't know either." I sighed.
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