42. Home

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42. Home

Harry POV

I looked at my reflection in the mirror inspecting my new look. My lip was red and swollen wearing a gash to the side of it. I shook my head in disgust I couldn't believe this. And with this happening I know Rose's persistence to go please Jamie is more apparent. Rose is small, compared to me, but I knew better than to mess with her. She's not going to listen to me or anyone for that matter. She thinks sleeping with Jamie is gonna help but in reality she could do it and he could still try and end me. I highly doubt he would, for as stupid as Jamie is he knows better than to mess with murder (well hopefully), but he has Rose scared enough. I suppose I'm not in her position to have much say over it, but I wish she would just listen to me.

I looked to the side and saw Rose looking at me through my reflection. Her body was leaned against the door frame one arm across her chest and the other on her arm holding her hand over her mouth.

"Rose." I walked over. She took a step back standing up straight now. She shook her head no as if that'd make me stay away. "Please don't."

"It's not-"

"My decision." I grumbled and rolled my eyes.

She turned around to walk into her room again but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back in front of me. She shot me a look that could cut a week into 9 days. I didn't let go just held her there. She stared into my eyes never breaking contact. I pulled her to the living room and made her sit there. She obeyed watching as I reached for the dusty lonely guitar in the corner. It's been ages since I've played and my skills are a bit rusty but she loved when I sang. I sat in the chair on the opposite side of the room. Her face lit up as I started to strum 'Making memories of us' by Keith Urban.

I'm gonna be here for a ya baby, i'll be a man of my word.

Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard.

Her expression softened as I closed my eyes and began to sing with more passion. She listened intensively not moving or making any noise.

And Im gonna love you,

Like nobody loves you.

And I'll earn your trust making memories of us..

I continued to strum holding my eyes closed. I opened them up and noticed her brown eyes peering into my green ones.

I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw..

I smiled with that line. She always loved that line. The play on words made her dimples indent the sides of her cheeks. I locked eyes with her as her expression softened a small smile tugging on her lips begging me to continue.

I'm gonna be here for ya from now on.

Yes I know some how

You've been stretched to the limits but its alright now.

And I'm gonna make you this promise, if there's life after this..

I'm gonna be there and meet you with a warm wet kiss..

That line was the most true line I've ever read. Rose really was stretched the limits and I wish it was alright now but it most definitely isn't. She is determined to endure the last thing she wants to do.

Her eyes become intense and lovingly. She stood up and took the guitar off my lap. She leaned it against the side of the chair and sat on my lap. Her lips pressed against my forehead with her eyes closed. Her breathing was soft and steady. Her hair that she wore straightened tickled my cheeks. I put my hands on her lower back holding her there. She looked at me as my soft touch reached below her shirt and rested my hand on the skin of her back. Her head swoops down to the crook of my neck and her lips pressed against it. She left small kisses there as she looked at me. Meeting my eye contact.

"Ironically you are an outlaw." She kissed my lips lightly.

"Im not an outlaw." I whispered as goosebumps formed on her skin.

"You're my outlaw." She declared. I smiled as she smirked. Her dimples staring back at me.

"I'd be anything for you." I admit. She rolled her eyes and held my neck in her hands.

"I can be your hero baby!" She jokingly sang. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. She pushed my shoulders back against the chair our lips never breaking.

"You can take my breath away." I whispered against the soft, pink, skin of her lips. She smiled pecking our lips together one more time and then getting off my lap.

"Harry." She caught my attention. "Stop staring at me." She demanded as my face grew red. I've heard the saying women have eyes in the back of there head and they must if she knew I was watching her leave.

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