Love in Space - a drabble

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[NOTE: This was written in response to a challenge from FromtheBar. A drabble is a 100-word novel. The words here are hand-counted and the total may not be exactly 100 words. I have counted hyphenated words as two words.]


The curves of her body under her skin-tight spacesuit reflected the alien sun in streaks of laser-like intensity.

I set my phaser to 'stun.'

Her speech translated through the UniTalk: "You are a fine specimen. You can be my mate on a permanent basis, then you are free to go. I shall not eat you this time."

She came closer. Before I could think she had grabbed my phaser. It went off. I spent the next year in her dome. I didn't understand anything that happened to me during that time. My phaser went off almost every hour.

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