Just how I like to blame Disney for my high expectations of men, I like to blame Hollywood movies for making breaking in and entering look like it’s no trouble at all.

I had to pay attention to what I held onto for support, where I stepped on, make sure not to make a sound and finally…not fall.

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever prayed so much in my life.

God, please don’t let me fall.

God, please help me.

God, please don’t let me die – not like this.

God, PLEASE don’t let him wake up and think I’m some creepy teenage stalker that likes watching him outside his bedroom window.

I think I spent most of the time praying for the last one.

When I finally made it, I glanced inside from behind the glass.

Aww. Reece was still asleep.

Okay, that was stalker-ish.

My fingers gently began to pull the window open and I slowly began lifting my leg and entering his bedroom

I cursed myself for doing things in the spur of the moment; I can’t believe I didn’t change before I decided to do this. I mean, I was wearing a singlet and short shorts. Really short, short shorts.

It took me a moment for things to sink in.

I was in Reece Carter’s bedroom.


I am positive that my heartbeat was loud enough to wake him up.


Entering his room? Trying to grab my diary? Okay, what the heck was I going to do if he woke up?!

Sing him a lullaby so he’d go back to sleep? I think not.

Right now, I had two choices:

1.      Grab the diary and leave.

2.      Leave right now.

Except there was a tiny problem, in order to do any of those options, I had to do them without Reece waking up.

It was beginning to sound like a Hollywood movie.

I looked at his mini shelf. My diary’s gold cover was shining like some kind of prized possession.

Well, yeah, to me it is.

Soon, I found myself taking little steps towards it – towards where Reece was lying down on his bed – all I had to do was reach for it and run.

My diary; so close, but so far.

All I had to do was lean over Reece, just a bit…a little more… almost there…

Suddenly, I was seized by the waist, flipped around and found myself situated under the warm, muscular body of Reece Carter.

Oh shit.

The moonlight hit his face and I saw his green eyes glisten.

Yeah, they weren’t too happy.

My breathing was heavy, our eyes just stayed locked. His grip was tight enough to ensure I wouldn’t go anywhere.

Well, with all the sparks he was sending through my body, I don’t think I wanted to go just yet.

I saw a flash of amusement in his eyes right when his lips formed into his famous smirk.

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