"Oh my! Do you not have more important matters at this time?" Nikoli rolled his eyes before leaving. I huffed as his role of the older child came into play. He had nothing to worry about. My heart was already being troubled by someone else.

"Mitus was it?" I jumped at the sound of Drago's voice. I turned suddenly to see his frame leaning against the wall opposite of me. "I knew there was a reason for your callous ways towards me."

"You are more delusional than I thought if you think I'd ever feel anything for you besides hate." He stalked me like prey because in his eyes I was.

"Now Nasya why do you throw yourself at me like this."

"Is that what you tell our King? That I satisfy dogs?" I sneered. He eyes narrowed. We had managed our way into a battle room.

"You satisfied me once, why not again!" He yelled as he lunged for me but I jumped out the way. I shuddered as he brought up that disturbing memory once more. I turned to the wall and released a sword as I pointed it to his chest.

"Give me another reason to carve your heart from your body." Drago let out a darkened laugh.

"You think you can handle a sword whore." I swung out violently. Swinging the sword down then up, catching him on his cheek. He hissed in pain as I made him bleed.

"Do you forget who my brother is?" I stepped back as he moved for his sword. My chest heaving as I realized I have just declared battle.

"Well then." His blade gleamed in the sunlight. "Let's see if he can save you." He swung out turning his body as our blades met. He was stronger than I but I was small and a lot quicker. I pushed away with all the strength I had and moved to the other side of him.

I tried to remember all of what Nikoli taught me. I was much better with a dagger than a sword. It was heavier and its weight was different, controlling it against someone like Drago was dangerous. He lashed out viciously. Blocking his attacks was by no means compared to Nikoli's. But this was exactly why Nikoli's was the King's guard and Drago was not. Nikoli was exact with finesse, knowing what his moves could do and when to do them. All Drago wanted was blood.

Drago struck out and my hand came up as he sliced it open. I yelped in pain before bringing my sword up once more to meet his. I struggled with the pain as he pushed me farther into the wall behind us. His face leaned into mine.

"Not quick enough mistress." I screamed as I brought my hand to his face and clawed at it. He flinched and backed away and I made my way to the door, but my hair was grabbed and pulled me down. He struck me and I felt my face bleed. He pulled me to a table and threw me on it. Pushing my face on the stone. I struggled as I felt him arrange my robes so he would have access. Tears started in my eyes. I yelped as he squeezed my head pulling it back.

"If your robes move any further down I will remove your head from your body." I froze at the voice, because it wasn't Drago's voice. It was Alxander's. "Let her go." I felt his fingers remove from my hair and I shakily moved away. I looked to see Alxander hold a knife to Drago's throat and to see Drago's manhood out, full, and ready. I swallowed the disturbance down at the sight.

"Are you hurt Nasya?" I blinked at his words. Still in shock. "Nasya." He barked out once more.

"I am fine." I let out with a thickened voice. Alxander's eyes blazed with anger as he smashed Drago's head into the wall beside him. In a frenzy he grabbed my hand and rushed out the room. I was still in shock at what happened but I still knew of my title. I tried to remove my hand from his so no one would see us but he grip held firm.

We came upon the kitchen and Alxander removed everyone from sight. I sat down in a haze. My face burned and my hands shook. How many times must I go through this? Not only with the King but his men as well. Alxander appeared in front of me and I looked at him. He held a cloth in his hands and gently laid it upon my lip. I hissed at the sting that formed.

"You have a habit of getting yourself into trouble."

"All the more fun my Prince." I let out a laugh but moaned in pain. I looked to him and my emotions ran wild. The kiss while it may have been a mistake, it was one mistake that I have longed for. "Am I to say that you will be there at my next demise?"

"Let's hope there won't be another." I nodded small. "Drago is getting a little too bold for my taste."

"We have all seen his best."

"I remember." I blinked at his words. Alxander was there for the aftermath. I stood up and faced him.

"The night before-" Then his lips were on mine as suddenly as last. His hands wrapped in my hair letting it fall loose. My hands went to his face pulling him closer to me. My breath shaky as he travelled across my jaw and down my throat. He came up to kiss me once more before taking a step back.

"You need to stop kissing me without my consent My Prince." He gave a small smile before leaving. I huffed out in confusion once more. Just like before.

"Your looks seem to carry you Nasya." I froze the voice. We'd been caught. I turned around and swallowed dry as fear crept into my body.

"My Queen."

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