roommate veronica

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"tis better to have loved and lost

than never to have loved at all."

- Alfred Tennyson



it's been ten minutes since

i've given him my notes.

and we haven't talked.

all i know is his name is


he isn't as stereotypical as he looks.

sure he's good looking


a procrastinator.


he also is intelligent.

and has great music taste-

i think.

he saw i had 21 pilots pulled up

and said,

"nice music,"

and then started playing their new album.

i'm glad my roommate veronica is out-

probably at the bar,

after all it is thursday.

she would distract aidan.

she's brought more than a


guys home.


not knowing what else to do


aidan was using my laptop,

i continued to read my book.

sneaking glances of him

in-between pages.

"so do you do anything

else besides read?"

aidan broke the silence.


i mean i party

and stuff."

i don't know why i said that.

maybe i thought it'd impress him.

but we both knew i was lying.

he started chuckling.

"yeah i can tell your a

big partier."

i felt like i should be offended,


the way he said made it sound okay.

like parties weren't the biggest deal in the world.

which confused me.

he was a typical thursday person.

or at least looked like one.

but something told me

he wasn't.

feeling awkward i chuckled.

"so are you,

a big partier i mean?"

"i've been to my share of parties."

of course he has.

i was wrong.

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