chapter 11 going mad.../ the futterwacken

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Y/N's pov

"well shit..." Hatter sighed. "We've...been...caught....PESKY BEE!" he said swatting at a bug flying near his face. "HATTER....EXPLAIN THIS....YOUR LUCKY I DONT CALL THE OTHERS..." Chesh was waving his arms frantically floating 2 feet about off the ground. "Cheshire calm down.....she's neutral....." "huh?" he asked. I looked at him with confusion. He nudged me. "Uhhhh...yes im neutral." I agreed without even knowing what i was agreeing to. "You convinced her hatter?" "Took a while she's stubborn..." He winked at me. "I should know...." he said glaring. "Where's that clock i gave you? What ever happened to meet me tomorrow sunflower?..." He disappeared. "The clock was fake, ben has the real one..." I stated. "BEN..." he hissed. I stumbled onto the ground. He hissed that onto my neck. Hatter helped me back up. "Cheshire I've never seen you so violent what is with you today?..." He asked. "I don't like lies...i don't like cheats.....i don't like games!!!" He listed in anger. "Oh? But isn't that what you do to EVERYONE..." I stated. Hatter held me back and whispered. "Y/N don't do've never seen Cheshire when he's angry..." I rolled my eyes and got out of hatter's grasp. I could hear Cheshire's heavy breathing. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT I AM OR WHAT I AM THAT I IS!!!!" "Oh no..." hatter said. "He's going mad..." "going mad?" I asked. That's when he appeared. His face was boiling hot. His teeth were barred. his eye pupils were twice as large and his claws were extended. "IM GETTING HELP!!!!" Hatter exclaimed leaping through the woods. "PROTECT YOURSELF MY DEAR! BUMPY RIDES ARE NOT FUN IF YOU GO OFF THE ROAD!!!!!" He shouted as he went. Why the fuck did they always speak in riddles....Cheshire was panting. "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU IS OR WHAT I IS OR WHAT ANY OF US IS!!!!!" I took a breath. I needed to think of what slender would do. I had an idea.....i let him rant on for a minute. "EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS ALL A LIE!!! EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT IS BUT IT SHOULD BE WHAT IT ISN'T!!!! TOPSY TURVY IS THE RIGHT WAY!!!! WE ARE IN THE LEFT WAY AND I HATE BEING IN THE LEFT WAY ONLY TWEEDLEDUM LIKES THE LEFT WAY BECAUSE HE IS THE OPPISITE OF TWEEDLE DEE WHO IS THE RIGHT ONE!!!!! AND IF THIS WORLD WERE IN ANY SORT OF WAY ORGANIZED CORRECTLY WE WOULD ALL B-........" He shut down as i squeezed my small arms around his muscular build. I put my head into his chest and he just looked....frightened....."I know your scared...." I whispered. "I....." he panted. "I know you've lost your way...and that things are different here.....I know that you are confused, and I know you don't understand..." His breathing began to slow down. My plan was working. "But we are all stuck here in this world...wither we like it or not....what matters is that we take what life is and make the most of aren't supposed to even be here.....but just because someone stumbles...and looses their way....doesn't mean they are lost forever...." He looked awe struck. His sharp cat teeth eventually stretched into a smile. "You are so Alice...." he whispered. "I am not Alice...." I stated blankly. He kissed the top of my head and i didn't fight back. Knowing that my plan was working i didn't want to wreck anything i had worked for. "In fact, you are almost Alice..." He stated with a purr. "Cheshire....look at me...." I pulled his head inches from mine and then i realized how tall he was.....bigger than me i should say....i had to pull his neck down to meet my eyes. "You don't choose what i can and cannot be.....only i do....." He nodded. "but on the contrary i do choose what happens to you.....where you will you get there....i influence your life so much....everyone does.....a little switch in action could change your course forever....." He made sense. I felt a pair of cool lips brush against mine. An image of ben passed through my head. But was gone at an instant. "Your truly something Y/N...." He whispered. "And i don't plan to let hatter or anyone take you away from me...." He turned around and stood in front of me. "Down..." he said. I refused. "DOWN!" He said pushing me into the grass. "Lay down and stay there...I've got you...." He stated. They came running. Hatter in the lead. Bounding like a deer. I recognized Milligan the pirate. But there were new ones. Two i could tell were the tweedles by there appearance. One of them looked like a knight in black armor. The knave. The last one looked almost like a phoenix.....that was a character i wouldn't have recognized if i hadn't had read the book.....gryphon. "SHE WAS HERE SHE..." Hatter stopped. "Where did she go?" He asked Cheshire. "Hatter you've gone insane there was no person here...yet alone a she...." He crossed his arms. was he......protecting me? "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SHE WAS RIGHT HERE RIGHT IN THI-" "ACHOO!" well shit. I sneezed. It wasn't my fault i was a tad bit allergic to pollen. Cheshire face palmed and hatter pulled me out of the grass. "I TOLD YOU SO!" He did a dance. It was REALLY weird.....his head moved in all different directions and his legs were almost like jello. When he was done everyone looked stunned. "Wow hatter....i haven't seen you futterwacken since the frabjous day!!!!" one of the tweedles said. "futterwacken?" I asked confused. Cheshire slipped his hand over my mouth. "SHH..." He hissed at me. "You had to sneeze..." "fuck you too Cheshire..." I simply said back. "Yep definitely an alice." The other tweedle confirmed.  "I mean Chesh wouldn't go close to ANY woman unless she were like alice..." "I AM NO-.....Ugh......can we please discuss this later?" He growled. "oooh feisty......why don't i just kill her now and get this over with...." Gryphon extended a claw and lunged for me. "GRYPHON N-" Before Cheshire could stop him we were on the ground wrestling. He cawed like an eagle when i took him into a head lock. "Any questions?" I asked them. "How could someone so small..." "act so big..." The tweedle finished the other tweedle's sentence. "The size is not the challenge when player two lacks fighting experience..." I looked down at gryphon who was struggling to breath. "Since i have sympathy on your pathetic existence im going to set you free little birdy..." I let him go and he stumbled onto the ground gasping for air. "Now...if any of you think about killing me......don't even let it pass through your head....or it comes clean off...." I stated. Cheshire's smile was huge. Almost as big as the moon. hatter applauded. "Well done well done! I knew i had faith in you!" He gave me an awkward hug. "Y/N is on our side!"  froze.....Hatter.....what did you just get me into.....

hey guys!!!! End of this chapter!!!! Im proud to announce that it is summer and updates will come more often!!!! OOOOOOH CHESHIRE DIG YOOOOOOU.....or does hatter? What kinds of trouble will this cause? where are the pastas now?!?!??! Are they even questioning why you were gone so long?.....update coming soon!

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