"I Alpha Sebastian Grey, reject you, Lia Clearbrooke as my mate." Those words, those 11 words shattered my heart.

"B..b..but.." I stuttered. I had been in love with Sebastian since I was eleven. I loved everything about him and the fact that he is my mate...was..made me love him even more. "You can't reject me!" He had turned 20 a few days ago, and now he found me, his mate.

"Actually Mutt... I can. Let's go Veronica." Then he turned on his heels and walked away. I stood there, heart shattered into little tiny microscopic pieces. I heard a wicked laugh and turned to see Veronica Sweet walking past me. She wiggled her fake nail fingers at me and caught up to him, draping his arm around herself.

"You were supposed to save me..." I turned around to see a warrior coming in, and he slammed the door behind him.

"You. C'mere." I whimpered and slowly came to him. When I was in arms length he slapped me across the face. I felt 'tears in my eyes and I held my hand where he had slapped me. "When I give you a command you say 'yes sir', understand?"

"Yes sir." I answered. He nodded.

"Maybe you ain't as dumb as they say you are. Get me a beer and something to eat. I'll be in the living room." I nodded slightly.

"Yes sir."

"Atta girl." I slipped into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find a Budweiser beer. I brought it out to him and told him his food was coming. When I was walking out I felt his hand grab my butt. It took every once of restraint not to turn around and slap him. I kept walking and when I got to the kitchen a tall woman was there with her son. Laurie was her name.

"Hello Lia." She turned around and gasped when she saw my nice reddened face. "Who did this?" Her son ran over to me.

"Whia! Whia!! Guess what I did today?"

"Nobody." I answered and went to making him a TV dinner. Laurie grabbed my arm and pulled me to face her.

"I can't let this happen any longer. I've sat around and closed my eyes for far too long. 17 years too long. Lia I'm going to help you get out of this place." She whispered the last part. I gave her a look.

"Laurie, you have a son. If you get caught helping me escape Sebastian will kill Ryan and then you. I can't let you ruin your family because of me."

"Lia, I promised your mother that I'd always look after you. I'm sorry I haven't fulfilled my promise but I am going to make right on it. I'm going to help you." The microwave went off and I opened it.

"I can't accept." I pulled it out, put a fork in it and carried it out to him, leaving Laurie and Ryan alone in the kitchen. I placed the meal down in front of him. "Be careful sir. It's hot." I went to walk away but he caught my arm and pulled me close.

"You forgot to collect your reward." I gulped.

"That's not necessary." Please God. Don't let him.

"Stop by my room later. 193. Or I'll find you, Lia Clearbrook." I gulped and nodded. When I walked back in Laurie was pouring Ryan some cereal.

"Laurie..." I asked she turned around. "Maybe...maybe I do need some help." She nodded and hugged me. I hugged her back.

"We'll do it tonight." Tonight? I nodded. Okay. Only eight more hours in this place.


(Later that day)

"Goodbye Lia, darling." She hugged me tightly. She had tears in her eyes. "Your mother would be so proud to have such a strong daughter. I'm so sorry, Catherine, that I didn't protect her." She cried out. "Now listen. They'll start looking soon. If you follow these tracks they'll take you to a airport. Use this.." She handed me a wad of bills. "To get far away from here. Don't come back. Ever. Maybe in twenty years write me a letter but never let me know where you are. Just that you are okay. Goodbye, sweetie. Oh, and one last thing." She handed me a tiny box. "This was your mothers. Now run."

I pulled my back pack filled with a blanket, rope, granola bars, a water bottle, a shirt and two pairs of yoga capris. Then, I took off down the tracks into the crisp summer night.

Sebastian's POV
(Around 9, 20 minutes after Lia took off)

"I can't do this." I pushed Veronica off me. She looked shocked. "Get out." She didn't move. "I SAID GET OUT, SLUT!" She whimpered and scampered off. All day while being with Veronica all I could think about as Lia. Her smile, her eyes. And if that wasn't bad enough I was getting the silent treatment from my wolf.

Who's fault is that, Seb? I told you to keep her! You rejected our beautiful mate you idiot!

I know, I know. But I'm going to make things right. My heart aches so bad. I need her, Danny.

Believe me I know!!

We have to find her. Where do you think she is?

Check her room.

I looked up in my office papers where Lia Clearbrook stayed. Just her name sent shivers up my spine and those lips. Those plump, kissable lips that i'd....

Focus Sebastian!

Room 203. I made my way to the second floor of the house and knocked on room 203.

"Lia. Lia, I know I'm the last person you want to talk to right now, but please. Let me in. I'm so sorry." I knocked harder. "Lia?" Where is she, Dan?

I don't know.

I knocked harder. What if she was hurt? Oh my goddess, what if I caused her to...injure herself? "Lia, if you don't open this door right now, I'm going to bust it down." I said in a panicked voice. I knocked the door down and busted through into her room. Her room was small. Probably the smallest in the house and that made me incredibly angry with myself. How could I treat her like this?

"Lia, you here?" I called out. She wasn't. I looked and saw a white rocking chair, a small bed and a dresser all barely fitting into her small room. The scent of the room was vanilla and raspberry, smelling just like her. I saw two pictures. One of a woman who looked a lot like her. Her mother. And another with the same woman, but this time holding a little bundle of joy, and a man with his hand on her shoulder. Her family.

I took one last smell and stormed out of her room. Being alpha, I mind-linked every single
member of the pack.

'The first person who finds Lia will be given a reward. Don't lay a finger on her, just mind link me where she is'.

I would find my mate, and then I would make her my Luna.


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The Beautiful Nina Dobrev as Lia Clearbrook

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