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Dating the Son of Zeus *6*

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I stopped. Sitting in an overly stuffed blue arm chair was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her skin was a rich olive color. I could tell it was natural, not the fake kind that I had seen on other girls. Her build was thin, but not gangly.  Her hair was a deep ebony and flowed down around her face and over her shoulders.  She was looking down reading a book, and even though her bangs were covering them I could still see her eyes were the most peircing blue. Instantly, I was drawn to her, like a moth to the flame. Not even paying attention I grabbed a random book from the shelf and slowly made my way to the empty chair next to her. Feeling her looking at me I took a deep breath. I sat down and opened my book, not really reading but waiting. For what, I had no idea. Finally, she broke the silence.

"You do know that there are other, EMPTY, chairs in the library. Right?"

I looked up into those eyes. They were such a deep dark blue, that they almost looked black. They looked like the sky on a clear night. Like the deep blue of the ocean. It took everything that I had to not get completely lost in the depth of her eyes. Snapping back I saw her looking at me expectantly.

"What?" I could have slapped myself for sounding so dumb.

"There are other places you could sit." she said shaking the bangs from her eyes. I could hear the attitude in her voice. The hidden message she was attempting to give me. It screamed, "I want to be alone and you are ruining it!" But I didn't care. The sound of her voice was even amazing. It sounded almost like she was singing. Her voice was smooth like silk, yet it held a power to it that swayed me. Forcing myself to concentrate I answered.

"Yeah. But you just made this spot seem so nice." I tried to giver her my best smile. She rolled her eyes and then leaned back in her seat to read. That was when I noticed the book that she was reading. 'Ancient Mythology: Gods and Goddesses'. My eyebrows shot up. Why would she be reading that?

"Really? Greek Mythology?" I couldn't stop myself. It spilled out before I could think twice about whether I really wanted to ask it or not.

She gave me a pointed look. "So? Do you have a problem with that?"

"No! No. I just didn't think that people read that kinda stuff. Don't people normally find it, boring?"

"Well I really enjoy it and find it...," she struggled for the right word. "interesting. And it' something that I like, and....I have no idea why I am explaining myself to you." She said shaking her head. Before I could say anything she said, " And besides you're one to talk about reading things that people find boring."

"What?" I asked. She nodded her head towards the book that I held in my hands. Looking down I saw the title. 'The American Civil War: How Two Countries Became One.'

"Oh. Well, I like it," I said trying my best to convince her and hoping that she didn't suddenly want to quiz me over the Civil War.

Heaving a sigh she returned to her book. But I couldn't let that go. I needed to talk to her more. "So," I said grasping for what to say next. I had never felt so short on words before. "What is your name?" She raised an eye brown and looked at me. Even though she didn't look to happy, I still found her incredibly beautiful. Before she turned back to her book she said, "Sophia."

"Sophia," I muttered softly. It was perfect. It fit her so well.

"Yeah," she said. Looking back at me she lost her look of annoyance. "And who are you? I don't think I've seen you around here before."

"I'm Her- uh Hayden. I'm Hayden. I'm new. Today is actually my first day."

"Well if I'm not already, let me be the first to welcome you to the seventh circle of hell that is P.S. 118 Hayden." she cracked a small smile at me. I felt my knees go weak and I was glad that I was already sitting down. I tried to giver her my best one back but I am sure that it looked awkward.

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