Chapter 9

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Mia's POV

"Just what the hell are you doing here?" Finally I was able to ask him while pacing in the garden. I ask Shilo's nanny to bath Shilo to kept him away then I brought this man in the garden area where we talk last night.

"From these years of being away fighting for the country this is what I'll get from my wife?" He said sarcastically and smiled while sitting comfortably on the wooden chair with his expensive poloshirt like I just step in to his office for an interview. My eyes shot wide and look at him.

"Dont call me that! How did you know about that! I shrieked while he sits calmly on the chair like everything is on his palm.

"Shilo told me a while ago. What the hell are those lies you are putting inside my son's mind?" He said with a controlled tone trying to conceal his anger.

Why is he getting furious!

"You dont have a right to call him that and Its non of your business.I exclaimed. People are already looking at us but I don't care not until this man gets the point.

"Yes.I have! As far as you are concerned he knows my presence and he acknowledge me as his father! He remarked as his frosty eyes shone with authorithy.

"You are not! The law states---

"That's not worthy anymore darling. Because no matter how you fight for that selfish reason of yours, I will stay in your lives from now on.Don't you ever forget that fact. And if ever you try hiding him from me, I'll find you wherever you are. " He announced with finality in his voice. I balled my fist and look at him with anger. He looked at me with bored eyes. Like he is tired of the conversation


"Mom are you and dad are fighting?"

Shilo appeared from the garden with His nanny and Carlie. Carlie shaking his head. I closed my eyes and summon all of the patience that's left in me then throw a forced smile at Shilo.

"No...I...I mean..We are just talking about something." I reasoned out. Then I looked at the hateful man. "" I glared at him. He smiled but stayed quiet. I narrowed my eyes at him, but then I deplore the moment I look at him for help because a devious smile broke into his face.

"Yeah... I've been a way for so long. And I missed you and your mom. We were just talking about our set up since that ill be staying for good with you guys." He declared without removing his eyes on me with a promise of doom.

No he didn't!

Shilo smiled so big that it pained my heart to bark back at this cruel man's statement. I closed my fist tighter.

Shilo run towards the devil and hug him. I looked at Carlie and I can see on his face that he is very amused with whats happening. Cant he see that this man is so awful!

Lucian bent down so that he is eye leveled to Shilo. He caressed his hair that has the same color as his.

If I would be a different person and looking at those two. I would probably adore them for looking the same thing

But hell no! Shilo is my son!

But he is also his son.

"I'll have to go for now okay buddy? Daddy's going to work so that he can stay with you and mommy okay?." He said with sincerity in his face.

Wow the man can act.

Shilo suddenly bent down his head. I know that gesture. He does thay everytime something saddens him. I felt a pain in my heart again.

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