My Babies

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Justin's POV
"Niyah. Come on baby!" I yelled up the stairs to my babygirl. "I'm coming daddy." She said dragging her stuff down the stairs. Niyah and Nia are going back with their mom. Me and my wife have been legally separated for a few months. I have to be honest and say that I miss her a lot. She got tired of my cheating so she was going to divorce me but I changed her mind into just legal separation. "Daddy." Nia said pulling at my shirt. I looked down at her. "Yes baby?" I asked. "When are you and mommy gonna get back together?" She asked. "Yeah daddy, when?" Niyah chimed in. I sighed and got to their level. "I don't know babies. Just when the time comes. If daddy wasn't such a jerk this would have never happened. But I made a big huge mistake so I messed up a lot of stuff. I'm sorry babies." I said pulling them into my arms. "But I'm pretty sure if daddy would just apologize then this would just be over." Someone said. We all loved up to see Y/N smiling. "daddy say sorry!!" Nia and Niyah said. I smiled and walked over to Y/N. I then got on one knee. "Y/N dear. I'm so sorry for what I have done to you. I miss you a lot! I hate that I have done this to you and I would be honored if you forgave me. So would you please?" I said holding her hand. She smiled her gorgeous smile. "Of course I forgive you Justin. But if you ever do anything like that again it's you as- your behind." She said sternly. I smiled cautiously. "Yay! We're a family again!" Nia and Niyah said running to us. "We were always a family babe." Y/N said. smiling. "That's not what my teacher said." Nia said. Y/N eyebrow rose. "She said what now?" She said putting her hand on her hip. Oh shit.

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