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"You cheated." I stated, my voice now cold as I glared at my mate.

He clenched his jaw, "You just weren't enough for me in bed."

"And my slutty friend is?" I snarled, glaring at my once best friend.

Katie looked at me with a smug look on her face. I narrowed my eyes, she's going to look all smug after screwing her future Alpha? Taking her close friend's mate away from her? I shifted my gaze to Jason, no, he's not going to become Alpha. He would be a pathetic excuse for an Alpha. He wants to screw the pack sluts, then he can go right ahead.

I smirked at the both of them, knowing this would be the perfect revenge. "I, Iris Lynn Blackmoore, reject you, Jason Ace Williams as my mate and Alpha."

I could feel the mate-bond break as his eyes widened with pain and rejection, he shook his head but I quickly shushed him. I glared at him, "Silent." I said, using my Alpha voice.

I then turned toward Katie, she was looking between Jason and I. That smug look quickly vanished as my claws came out, I tilted my head.

"Now...for your punishment..." I murmured.

"Punishment? I-I didn't-

"You screwed your future Luna's mate and you knew he was my mate. After all I've done for you, getting you out of the Omega ranking so you wouldn't be bullied. Getting you trained so you could defend yourself and making a name for you in school when we were younger. I was the closest thing you had to family! Your own parents shunned you, your own sister loathed you. I was the only one here who actually loved you like a sister. Yet, you go and screw my mate. Not only that, but give me a smug look when I find out." I spat. "And you don't think you did anything wrong?"

I let out a bitter laugh, "Ha! That's so...pathetic. You took him away from me so I'm going to take everything away from you. You do know what the shame mark is, right?" I asked.

She swallowed, "Wh-when the Alpha...o-or Luna claw you...oh goddess, please no! Iris, I'm sorry! I-

"You're sorry because you got caught! You're sorry because you don't want that mark on you!
It's one of the biggest rules in this pack! Do not go after anyone's mate and do not help them cheat! The mate-bond is a very fragile thing that is worshiped among all werewolves. Werewolves who cheat on their mates after they've been good to them are considered losers and outcasts. The ones who help them cheat after knowing full well they belong to someone else are also considered outcasts. You know how much I loved him! Yet you just couldn't keep your legs closed!" I yelled.

"Sorry doesn't fix this, Katie! None of it! I should thank you though, you made me realize how much of a disgusting man he is. How much of a useless and weak Alpha he would have been. However, sorry not sorry."

With that, I clawed her face, ignoring the cry of pain as my claws cut through her flesh. I've always despised this rule my great great grandfather made, but now I understand it. It hurts, it feels as if someone is taking a knife and just stabbing your heart. Except, I got my back stabbed as well. By someone I trusted my life with.

"You are now an Omega, you will stay an Omega for a very long time. Both of you are. You can now have each other. I never ever want to see your faces in my packhouse again unless it's an emergency! GOT IT?" I shouted, blinded by my own rage.

They both nodded and looked down at their feet, I sneered at them. I was now shaking, trying to contain my wolf. I then turned and left, slamming the door behind me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and wiped the tears away. That scumbag and slut are not worth my time or tears anymore, they can now screw each other all they want.  Now they're just strangers to me. They're lucky I didn't make them rogues. 

I'm not going to be weak anymore, I'm not going to allow my love for anyone get to me. I will never allow another man to enter my heart. If this is how it works, then to me it isn't worth it. I don't need an Alpha by my side.

I'll be a Luna without an Alpha.

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