ASWMO: Complete Edition with Extras

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Hello TeamObnox, the wait is almost over

Hello TeamObnox, the wait is almost over.

Please read this whole announcement!!!

You can get the COMPLETE REVISED Book Today! Read this full announcement please (very important) (DO IT FOR THE HUGZZZZ!). (>^_^)> <(^.^<)

Today is the day that you can get your own copy of "The Longest Day: An After School with Mr. Obnoxious Bonus Chapter " (The completed edition with extras). And my blog even has an ULTRA-COOL COUNTDOWN TIMER!

I am freaking out right now! I've been pinching myself all morning to make sure I'm not dreaming. Today is the day where you get to curl up into a little ball on your favorite reading sofa. The day where you get it cheap and you get all the extras. The day where you get to crack the COMPLETED book with its BRAND NEW content!

And then you get to read that book! Because you deserve it!

Seriously without you, none of this would be possible. You will get your place in the history of the internet for helping to create what will become the next Wattpad bestseller. And then getting to gloat about it to all of your friends! (hehe, gloating is what it's all about).

This book might get into bookstores, or even become a movie!

And it's all due to the simple fact that you read my stories and supported me. So thank you for just being you, and thank you for just reading this post. It means so much to me. And hopefully, it might mean a lot for the future of Wattpad! :D

I am humbled by your love and support.

Alright back to serious stuff (this is serious business my friends! (super-duper serious)).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (I am begging with puppy dog eyes!)... Please buy it when the timer hits 00:00:00.

But even if you can't buy it (and I completely understand if you can't... I still love you MWAH!) then you have another mission! (JUST AS IMPORTANT AS GETTING THE BOOK) Please review the book on Amazon. Even if you have to use a friend's account or your parents account (shout out to my highschool readers!). Please give the book a review!

And if you buy the book. DEFINITELY still give a review.

So go check it out on the blog. And wait for the timer to hit 00:00:00 before refreshing the blog, and clicking on the links to get the book.


P.S. You'll get more secret stuff when you sign up to my blog, so go there NOW!

P.P.S. Don't forget to click "going" for the Facebook launch event! There will be freebies and awesome announcements!

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