After School with Mr. Obnoxious - Chapter 14

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"I'm here because I've been thinking about what you just told me." Aaron sighed. He came there for the sole purpose – to talk about the very matter he had been trying to avoid for almost a week.

When Sam dropped him the news, he thought he was going to die and would not make it until graduation. But that was him being overly dramatic. He had to pay his other cousin in Kentucky to tell his Mr. Lanter he had an accident and needed Aaron's help so he could stay there for a few days.

Sam's pulse quickened as her heartbeat was running wild. She didn't expect for that moment to come, let alone think that Aaron would really contemplate about it, not just for a day but for almost a week.

"What do you want to tell me, Lanter? What have you been thinking? What do you want?" Sam asked. She was preparing herself for the worst. Brace yourself, Sam.

He looked straight into her eyes. "I.. I just don't get it."

"Listen, Lanter," Sam interrupted. She didn't feel confident with her confrontation with Aaron. "I know what's on your mind. You're thinking...."

"Sam.." Aaron cut in loudly. "Don't you ever shut up?"

Sam fell silent this time.

"Damn, woman! You talk too much." Aaron said.

"I don't." Sam countered.

Aaron gave her a warning look.

Both of them were silent for a moment.

"Look, as I've said. I've been gone to give everything you said to me a deep thought."

Sam's breathing was slow. Here we go.


"I know you think I'm a jerk but I can't really understand it. It's like there's something else that I can't grasp. How did I do it? Why did you allow me to do it with you? Knowing you, though you're not that hot at all but I must admit that you're really smart. Then it hit me, I was drugged and you were drunk. Simple. I have come to realize that it doesn't take a genius to really understand why it happened." Aaron paused.

Sam waited. What's his point?

"... My point is... Let's face it, Banks. We never liked each other. I don't find you attractive..."

"I got that already." Sam cut in. Why did he have to rub it in – again and again.

"...and this is not a movie. I can't turn into a mushy guy and fall in love with you after I have discovered that I got you pregnant. Reality is - my feelings for you are still the same. This is not a fairy tale."

Feelings? He has feelings for me? What are these feelings? Sam's thought was shouting for answers.

"But there's one thing I've been meaning to tell you these past few days."


Aaron sighed and looked away then back at Sam. "I'm sorry."

That was the first time Sam heard him ever say that. And boy Sam felt good. Aaron Lanter is sorry? She could tell that it was heartfelt as she looked into his eyes.

"I can be a jerk but I'm not an asshole. To be frank with you, right now I still don't know what to do and how to solve this mess. I have a life too. I can't let this problem affect my life. But don't think that I will abandon you

just like that.  Just give me time to figure out the best solution. In the meantime, please..." He spoke the word 'please' like he was almost begging her.