Chapter 3

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As I stood by my car, I could not wipe David's reaction to our pairing out of my mind. He had said that he loved me but did not look as pleased as anyone would look after finding out that they were paired off with their crush. Was his feelings just as shallow as those of the many people who had confess their love to me?

"James!" His voice broke me out of my mental musings and I turned my head in the general direction where I spotted him.

He stood just outside of a large group of students; the impatient expression quickly slipped off as the same tall boy scooped him up in his arms. That action in itself was quite normal but when he connected their lips, a fit of rage so fierce came over me. I felt when my jaw clenched and my eyes become steely. I had to strain my body from taking a step when David was the one to initiate a kiss before he was let down. My anger was then tripled when he actually waited until that boy left the lot to look for me.

When he spotted me, I saw it when his body tensed and the happy smile on his face faded but I could do nothing about my anger. Reason being that I had no idea why I was angry in the first place.

He made his way slowly towards me with uncertain steps. He jumped when I moved from my position and opened the passenger door for him.


"Are your parents home?" He asked, meekly as I closed the front door.

I did not answer and I heard him mutter something under his breath. He stayed silent after that and followed me to my room where I sat at my table and he sat on my bed. I watched him as he observed my room, seeming to look over everything but me. When he finally could not stand the silenece he stared at me.

"What's wrong December?" His voice was soft and full of concern.

I do not know what in that sentence set me off but I snapped. One second I was sitting on my chair and the next, I had David pinned under and my tongue in his throat.

He struggled for a minute. His fists banging weakly against my back but as the kiss went on, he melted into me. David gave in and started to move his lips with mine willingly. When I pulled back, his eyes we're dazed.

I realised then that his two orbs were a stunning hazel colour that simply took my breath away. His cheeks flushed as I continued to gaze at him and I felt a strange feeling blossoming in my chest.

"Why did you say that you loved me David?"

His face flushed a deeper shade of red that made me think of a tomato. A cute one at that. He was silent as he watched me with indecision before answering me.

"It was in our freshman year, my obnoxiously popular older brother was dragging me around everyday and people thought that they were in my good graces, it would raise their social standing. One day, in my English Literature class, the teacher paired us together and you we're the only person that did not even recognise my brother. In that moment I finally saw you. You might not understand what I mean, but it was like I was watching passed you while looking at you. After that, I kinda started stalking you. I love when you laugh, even though rarely, my heart beats really fast. I love your kindness and passion for the things that others might find insignificant or lame. I love your loyalty to your few friends and I love your honesty. I can't say that I don't love your looks because I do. Your body does things to me and just a glimpse of your face leaves me hot and bothered. I love so much that I don't even know all the reasons. I love you so much that when you rejected me I felt that I could not move on. But my brother is helping me get myself back so you don't have to worry anymore December. I'll be fine." He said as tears rolled in big, fat droplets down the side of his face.

I could not find words to say anything, so I held him tightly to me and listened to him cry.

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