The Army

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  • Dedicated to The British Army

"Take cover!" 

Boom! I thought I was stunned for a second, which I was, I could hear noises in the background, crys of pain and people calling each others names either for help or to see if their fellow comrads were still alive.

I could see rubble all over the place, landing on my helmet. I could see dead bodies on the floor, people with their legs blown of crying for help. I was lucky I wasn't that close to the explosion, all's what happened to me was that I was stunned.

I finally recovered in about 2 minuites of being stunned, I got up to see my best friend in front of me checking if I was alright and other people around me looting the extra ammunition and guns from the dead bodies that had just been blown to pieces. 

"Ja', you alright!?" My best friend, Seth asked worried.

Everyone always calls me 'Ja' for my nickname, although my real name is Jamie.

"Yeah, Yeah, I think, I just got stunned a little by the explosion, thats all", I replied with a sickly look. 

"Good god, brill' I thought you was dead for a second man, anyway, we need to get up man, the full army is still walking, c'mon lets go", Seth said calmy. 

I got up and started walking away grabbing ammunition myself of the dead bodies as we passed. I unzipped my army trousers and took out the picture of my 3month year old baby. I always looked at this picture if I was ever worried or needed to remember my baby. I'd always take it out though anyway to just look at my beautiful baby boy, Jack. His lovely blue eyes and baby smile. I smiled to myself as I looked at him. I knew I would be home to see him soon.

"Hey, Ja, Theres a tank up east. Get the boys to halt and fire."

We all pulled to a halt and took cover behind some rockes and laying down. Me and Seth layed down next to eachor with our RPG's ready to blow the tank into pieces. 

"RPG's, FIRE!", The General ordered.

Me and Seth both shot our RPG's  aiming straight at the tank, Seths rocket just missed, but mine hit it bang on target! 

"Yeahh, Wooo!"

There were loud cheers from the squad as I jumped up and my squad jumped on me hugging me because of my achievment.

We moved outof this area and after that tank explosion we got back to camp safely. Me and seth went to our tent and sat on our beds. I got out my picture of baby Jack and looked at him for quite a while. Seth kept on glancing over to me noticing that I really wanted to go home. 

"Hey, bud, Seth now said calmy, we'll go home soon, don't worry"

That cheered me up a little after that so I put my picture away and started reading my book called 'Death is Sacrifice', It was pretty much what was happening to me but in someone elses eyes. There was a 21 year old boy called Jamie, just like me, who was in this camp like I am and did recent patrols and had a best mate that was another main character in the story called Josh. I liked to read because, as I said before, it was a war like I am having but in someone elses eyes.

Another squad got picked to go out on a patrol around the are, including me! So unfair, But sadly I could say that in the army or I seriously would get told of.

This time we came over an abandoned village, at least we thought it was. It was actually a secret base for the afghan!

Pow! A quikc gun shot was fired, noe bullet meant it was...

"Snipers! Run!" A helpless soliour screamed.

Now alot more bullets were coming. Men were dying around me with sniper rifle bullets in the head etc. I looked around to see two or more soldiours falling at a time dying on the floor either crying in pain, once again, or fell instantly because a bullet went staright into their head or chest.

People, spraying bullets everywhere like a raging hose pipe! Enemy soldiours falling out windows, of buildings and ones on the floor dying on the floor. But this was no fair battle. They were snipers and hidden, yes, we did have machine guns but din't have a clue were they was hiding, also, we were right in the centre. We were surrounded by hidden snipers, not a thing to be calm about. Luckly, and strangely, we won. Me, Seth, he General, and another soldiour was alive. In the center surrounded by dead bodies. Seth had a sniper rifle go straight through his leg though.

We got back to base within ten minuites because of the speed I was walking, I didn't want my best friend to die, As we went to the medic for Seth to be healed, another squad moved out to the abandoned village we had just been in to capture it and set up our equipment etc.

Seth was healed, but still badly injured that he could fight right now.

I glanced at one of the UAV's that was set up just next to me and saw a tank coming straight to the base. Before the soldiour could tell someone, I shouted to the base that there was a tank incoming and for Heavy Machine gunners and people with RPG's to get out there. Me and another group of men went, but not Seth cos' he was injured and couldn't fight. I took cover quickly just dodging a rocket from the tank being fired right at me and stunning me. I was scared, I almost had a heart attck. I stayed in cover until I was a little better and looked at my picture of baby Jack. Once I saw him smiling his wicked little smirk of his, his beautiful eyes shining from the flash of the camera, thats when I mean business. People were still trying to destroy the tank. But when I meant business, I meant BUSINESS. I jumped out to see the tank look at me but before he could shoot I fired my rocket straight at the tank. Boom! The explosion this time was worse I was too close to the tank that time, notonly did it stun me but it blew one of legs of and took me 30 feet into the air, landing with hard impact. I cried out for help, the squad ran over to me wanting to know if I was ok. But I felt like telling them... Do I look ok?!? My legs have been blown of! But didn't say it because I knew he was just trying to help. Because we were so close to base, a medic came out and took me in. After a good half an hour, they told me I was unfit to do anthing for a long time, in that case, I had to got home for a few months, or even a year, until I had robotic legs replacing my legs.

(whole story is not complete)

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