Imagine #33 We Could Do It You Know (Patrick)

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You and Patrick were sitting on the roof of his car. You both grew up in rough families, abusive parents who drink everyday. Forced you to cook and clean. Then Patrick and his band Fall Out Boy became famous, of course his parents didn't care and just let him leave for tour. Patrick wanted to take you away so you could live together, and every time you denied him.

"We could do it you know." Patrick looked at you. "Do what?" You asked and he sighed. "You know Y/N. Leave with me, you're my best friend and I need you. Please leave with me, you can keep your job and you got a scholarship right? We can just rent a tiny apartment together and Pete can come too."

You looked at Patrick and grabbed his hand. "Okay, I trust you and you are my best friend. I'll leave with you."

"Thank you Y/N! I love you and I'm going to keep you safe." Patrick whispered and hugged you. Within the next week you and Patrick found an apartment with Pete and bought it. You snuck out with all your stuff one night and moved into your apartment. Of course your parents didn't care and neither did Patrick's. You ended up living in the apartment for three years and moved to LA with Patrick and the rest of Fall Out Boy. After seven years you and Patrick went out on your first date and three years later you were married. 

The End! (Sorry it fit)

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