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Camila woke up with a groan fell from her lips. She has not sleep after what happen last night. She can't stop thinking about Lauren and that's the first start. She even woke up at 3 because she had a dream of her kissing Lauren and she had cold sweats all over her. She has a meet up with one of her best friends, Hailee, one of Victoria's Secret Angels too. Her phone ring. Great now she's calling too, Camila thought grabbing her phone

"What the hell do you want Hailee" Camila said picking up her clothes from across the room

"That's how you greet your friend? Wow Mila remind me again why am calling?" Hailee said

"Oh i don't know why don't you remind me now since i just woke up and i'm tired as fuck but i have to meet you for today" Camila said running the water down from her shower room

"Well damn girl this is how you react to mornings? You called me to wake you up at 9 remember? Since you couldn't wake up on your own?" Hailee shot the petite girl back

"It's not like i can't wake up on my own. I had a really long night" Camila sigh on the phone

"Look i'll see later okay? Need to take a bath. Okay bye" Camila hangs up on the phone

Camila strip herself and went inside her bath tub. She hasn't went in her tub for a long time and she hasn't sit there and think. Camila used to sit in her tub filled with bubbles and think, and it's been a long time since she has done her routine. Camila wash herself first then when she's done, she thinks about Lauren. Lauren. That name keeps lingering in her mind all night long. She had such a good time with Lauren yesterday even though sometimes they would go back to have they're arguments but that's one of the things she love about Lauren. She likes it when she fights back

After being in her tub for while, she step out of her tub then dry herself off. She takes on her casual clothes which is always crop tops and school girl skirts with boots or her heels. She decided today she will wear her blue ripped jeans with her white crop top and some blue heels she just bought. She spray on her cologne and takes her bag, fetch her pastel pink fluffly coat, and went inside the parking car then drive herself to her and Hailee's usual cafè

"Yes Hailee i'm almost there. Why are you whispering anyways?" Camila ask

"Because you're not going to believe what i just got" Hailee said rather squealing on the phone while whispering

"Surprise me" Camila said sighing

"Well you know that one guy i've been crushing on? Yeah he and his brother's suppose to go to a Lauren Jauregui mini concert here in LA and since they can't, he decided to give it to me for my birthday since he can't come" Hailee said really squealing this time. Oh no, Camila thought

"I want you to come Mils. The concert is today and you can even drive us there. He got us the best seat" Hailee said

Camila can't denied Hailee. Mostly because she has been best friends with her for a long time. She even consider the girl as her second younger sister. Camila sigh. "Alright fine. I'm in" Camila said

"Yes! Thank you Mila. We'll go after we eat okay?" Hailee said

"Yeah okay. I'm here already" Camila said

Camila stepped out of her car with her coat in her hand. She walked in and was greeted by Hailee. She take a seat and surprised Hailee remembered her order. Hailee always forgot and this time, she just know what Camila used to order. Maybe because she's excited about the mini concert, Camila thought to herself.

Camila's not even listening to Hailee's demands and complains. All she cared about is that she will see Lauren in a concert for the first time. She want to avoid the girl as far as possible, even though she likes her. But Camila decided to not fall for her charm and play hard to get. If Lauren's about to kiss her one day, she will flinch away, but of course, she want to kiss her lips too

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