《Chapter 06》

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"Eh? Party?"

"Yup! My parents are coming home today and they want to meet my new friends. So I decided to hold a party at my house," you said cheerily.

Your parents are coming home from England today for they finished their business. They want to get to know your friends from your new school since you usually don't talk about. Your father asked you to invite them to your house this Sunday.

"The party will start at 3 P.M. this sunday. I hope you guys come." You invited all your friends from class E. They looked very excited and asked many questions about your family and house. Even Korosensei wants to come to your house once you said that there will be delicious foods. But Karasuma sensei prohibited him from attending the party.

Skip to Sunday


You went downstairs and opened the door. When you opened your door, you saw all your classmates. "Minna, you made it in time! Come in!"

Everyone in class E entered your house. They looked surprised. Why not? Your house is as big as a mansion and is decorated with expensive furniture. You took all your friends to the backyard. Your parents were already waiting and welcomed them.

"Welcome to (Y/N) residence. Thank you for being (Y/N)'s friends," your father greeted. "Well, (Y/N) didn't usually make any friends at her old school. We're glad that she made so many friends this time around."

"Dad, you make me look bad," You blushed with a low voice as you lowered your head. "Anyway, enjoy the food. You guys can eat all you want while we're here." Class E started to eat the food that your mom made. They looked like they enjoyed it.

"(Y/N)-chan, thanks for the party," Kanzaki told you.

"It was the best party I've ever been to," added Sugaya.

"(Y/N)-chan, can we see your bedroom?" asked Kayano curiously with other girls behind her.

"E-eh? Sure. But try to not make a mess. Mom will be mad at me if that happens."

You took them to see your bedroom upstairs; the girls started to explore. Your bedroom had a king-sized bed, computer, 42" LCD TV, and some posters on the wall.

Fuwa opened your wardrobe and saw the clothes you had one by one, Yada sat on the sofa in front of your 42" LCD TV and watched the different movies you had, and Nakamura was lying down on your bed. Kayano and the rest of the girls just stood by the entrance, amazed at your awesome room. Luckily they didn't turn on your computer. It was full of important information and secrets. Well in the end, they made your room all messy.

Then, Ritsu appeared on your phone like she always did. "(Y/N)-san, I didn't know your house was designed by your father and mother. They're very creative," Ritsu complimented.

"Well, they may look creative, but sometimes they can be childish when it comes to me. Ritsu, can you help me with something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I want you to..."


All your friends have already gone home by now. It was an exhausting day for you since you had to keep your eyes on the girls all day. But it was fun. You were very sorry for Korosensei since he couldn't come to the party. He'd been looking forward to eating your mother special dishes.

You took out your phone from your pocket and called Ritsu. "Is everything done?"

"Everything's done. I already sent your presents and messages to Korosensei, Karasuma sensei, and Bitch sensei."

"Well, thanks Ritsu," you smiled as you ended the call and went back to your room. You then threw yourself on the bed, exhausted.

You wanted to invited Korosensei, Karasuma sensei, and Irina Sensei to your party. But Korosensei was not allowed to be seen by people other than the students in class E and the government. Karasuma sensei have some business to attend and Irina Sensei, well you didn't ask her to come. So you sent them food with a message.

You heard someone knock your room door and it was your mother. Your parents were going to Australia tomorrow and once again you missed them. Especially your mother's cooking since it was delicious and you couldn't cook, for every time you tried the food would burn. On top of that, no one knew if you would see them more often.

"Hey, sweetie. How was your day?"

"Very exhausting and fun. Thanks for the party, Mom."

"Anything for my precious daughter. Why don't you ever tell us about your friends? Especially your red-haired friend."

"Well, I know you guys are busy and Karma? He is not my friend but rival."

"You know what, I would always say that your father was a rival when we were younger too. But now we are lovers. You know what I mean."

"Mom...that will not happen to me. He is sadistic and annoying."

"Whatever, honey. You guys would be cute couple." You growled when heard your mom's last comment. You shooed your mother from your room and fell asleep.

Before you slept your phone dinged. You looked at the screen and saw a notification for an email. Your face went as red as Karma's hair upon reading it.

From: Akabane Karma

To : (Y/N)

Subject : none


I didn't know that you were so chubby when you were a child. It looks cute. Your mom told me many things about you.

By the way, I got this picture from your father. And I still have another picture of you from Ritsu (I asked her to search your photo).


Akabane Karma

"MOM!!! DAD!!!" 



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