~First Day, final year~

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 'Beep, beep, beep.' Arghh! Why does school do this to us? I know I should have gotten used to it by now seeing as I've been at school for what like 13 years and this is my final year but still, why can't it start at like 10:30 instead of at the crack of dawn, meaning 8:30?! 

These thoughts were riling through my head making me dizzy at the sudden use of my brain this early in the morning. I stared at my alarm clock, the time flashing in front of me; it started to give me a head ache along with the annoying beeping noise.

 I sighed in defeat; my hypnotic powers weren't working this morning. Resulting in the fact that I had to actually lift my hand and press the snooze button, not without letting out a grunt though.

Yes as you can see I'm not a morning person. I finally get up, untangling my long blonde hair roughly with my hands. I looked out the window and saw the sky, it looked so bleak. It was overcast and there was mist hanging in the air. I let out a sigh, whatever happened to summer? I took a quick shower and prepared myself for today, urgh Monday mornings.

I got out and quickly checked my phone to see the time. Great 7:15, I walked into my closet clutching my towel tightly to my chest and looked at myself. I liked myself; I mean I was nothing out of the ordinary with my medium height, straight long hair that went down to the middle of my back and bright blue eyes. I had a nice figure, even though I eat like a pig and I am also quite tan. I wasn't up myself or anything I just didn't find the point in being negative towards myself. After staring at myself deep in thought I realised how cold it was. I quickly grabbed a pair of skinny leg denim jeans, a simple white long sleeve top and a grey scarf.

I walked down the staircase, my converse making loud noises against the polished marble. I was starting to really like this new house, I've lived here for three weeks already and every time I walk down the stairs I have to stop and wonder if it is truly my house.

"Mum, Dad!" I called out. Though I didn't really expect an answer, I was always hopeful. My parents were the co-owners of some major company. That's why we moved here; Perth. It wasn't THAT big of a move, if anything it worked in my favour. You see I go to this ultra-posh/hard to get into academy for dance. I'd been going to this academy for a few years now, even though I lived a few hours away. I have a friend that goes there but she goes to a different school.  I love dancing; it's almost like oxygen for me I also love soccer. Dancing's my own little secret though.

Yeah my mum didn't really like it when I told her that I wanted to play but she was too busy about her business to worry too much about me. They were hard working and everything, but sometimes I feel as though there priorities are wrong.

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