Chapter #26: See You Again


Lips so soft, skin so cold yet so welcoming, so safe...

"This can't be real," I muttered into his lips, feeling my heart pound like it first did when I laid eyes on him. His lips were barely touching mine but the kiss was so full, so deep. "This isn't... Mmm."

I pulled back, my eyes opening gently as his lashes fluttered open, meeting mine. So close that I felt his warm nose against mine, his heavy breath flushing against my cheeks and neck. His soft hands went from my cheeks to my shoulders, as they touched and tickled every inch of skin they passed, landing on my forearms. His eyes fell down my skin, digging so deep into my flaws as if he had forgotten what they looked like, as if he was relishing the feel of something he hasn't felt in what seemed like years.

My shaking fingers reached up to his hair, and I stroked it back, gently against his head. They landed on the gaping scar, just at the back of his neck. I hadn't felt this warm of skin in so long, and it was all mine.

I pulled back, embarrassingly grabbing my shirt from the floor and walking towards the kitchen while trying to put it back on. I hit my hip right on the corner of the kitchen island and muttered curses to myself as I limped myself to the bathroom, my cheeks flushing. It was like having a highschool crush all over again. You see them in the halls, and you don't know where to look even though you want to look right into their face, and stare into the features that you wished you could touch or kiss. Wanting them to be yours, and getting jealous when they hung out with other people, or getting sad when they looked sad in class... I felt 16 again.

In a few seconds, his shadow was right behind me in the bathroom window.

My eyes met Evan's green ones, and his other slightly brown one. "Don't be shy baby," he whispered and I felt goosebumps run up and down my back, enough to make me flinch and flutter in my own skin. I gripped the button up shirt tightly to my skin. "How's your eye," I turned around quickly, lifting my fingers to push his eye a bit wider. I tried my hardest to change the subject.

He tapped my hand away, and blinked, weirdly. "It's fine. I'm okay. I'm walking, aren't I?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "Can you see fine?" I muttered, hoping I didn't hit a soft spot.

"Peyton, I'm okay. It's healed up now, I don't get why you get so scared whenever we get intimate."

I frowned, my eyes falling to the floor. "I'm not scared..."

"Then what is it?" he urged, grabbing a hold of my cheek.

His touch was the greatest feeling- I had missed it so much. A small smirk fell onto his lips, changing the mood and making me raise an eyebrow.

"Are you scared I like... Won't find your hole or something?" he snorted and I gasped, before he began howling with laughter.

I gasped once more, scoffing. "Evan! Seriously!"

"Babe I'm blind in one eye, I can still see everything! I can still see fine, what are you so scared of?" he chuckled, his laughter dying down. I still find it crazy how he made jokes about his injury so aimlessly.

"Shepards result was from a severe blow to the southern side of the brain in which is most sensitive. For him to wake up is shocking to all of us, but thankfully he is not suffering any case of traumatic injury. Unfortunately though..."

We all perked up at this, and my heart was pounding hard against my chest. I kept reminding myself that nothing bad can go wrong from here, considering Evan waking up is something I should be grateful about. Nothing could be any worse.

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