Chapter 13 - Love

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I was alone in my room and sat on my bed. I wanted to draw something, but I have no idea what. So it was only something doodling. Suddenly Liam storms into my room. “I must speak with you!”

“Hello Liam. I’m fine thanks. Welcome in my room… next time please knock!” I said.

“Yeah, sorry. But I was in a hurry, ‘cus I don’t wanted that someone sees me.” He replied.

“Ah ok. So what do you want to tell me?”

“It’s about the other guys, Dodo and Katia. Have you noticed that they make nothing with us? Do you think they have a secret?”

About his questions I must think a little bit… I also noticed that we all made something together, in the first days we met Dodo. We went roller skating and showed her the city, but now? Only Niall, Louis and Harry meet Dodo with Katia. But I never thought about the reason.

“Yeah, I noticed, but I have no idea why.”

“You also remember that Nic and Dodo were really close. But now Dodo hasn’t talked to Nic for a few weeks. Nicola is really sad about this and thinks she doesn’t like her anymore.” Liam told me.

“That’s bullshit! Maybe she’s too busy?!” I consider.

“Mmhh... maybe. But I think there’s also another reason. What do you think about Niall, Louis and Harry? They also don’t do something with us… but why? It’s really frustrating to have no answers!” Liam said.

“Why don’t you ask them?” I suggest.

“I don’t know…” He answered.

Someone knocked on my door.

“What?” I shout.

“I only want to tell you that dinner is ready.” Louis said.

“We come straight away.”

“C’mon and ask them now. I’ll help you.” I said to Liam.

“Yeah ok, so let’s go!” He replied.

We both walked into the kitchen. I could smell pizza. Hmm delicious.

“Hey Loui, do you made it by yourself?”

“Well I bought them and at home I put them in the oven… by myself!” He laughed.

“I’m coming!” Someone shouted, it was Niall. “Hmmm yummy! Pizza!” You always hear him, before you could see him.

We all sat down on the chairs around the table, but one chair was empty.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked.

“He’s at Dodo’s.” Niall smiled cheeky. “He has a date with Katia.”

“With Katia? Are they now a couple?” Liam replied.

“No, not yet. But I think he’ll ask her out tonight.”

“What did he prepare for her??”

“He wanna make a romantic candle light dinner. Dodo helped him.” He winked.

“Ah ok.” I smiled.

A few minutes we ate in silence. I exchanged a look with Liam. He clears his throat. “Well boys? Why haven’t you done something with me and Zayn in the last days? You only met Katia and Dodo.”

“Erm… yeah… sorry.” Loui said.

“What was the reason?” After this question there was an awkward silence.

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