This question is courtesy of @Dorudragon-wolfy1

What if Sesshomaru found me hunting freely and rin is in danger, I go and save her?


Sesshomaru- *stares at you*

You- (you had just saved rin) Uh- Im just returning her to safety. *lightly pushes rin over to Sesshomaru*

Rin- Sesshomaru-sama! The boy saved me from the monsters!

Sesshomaru- *looks down at rin and nods* He did good didnt he?

You- Ok. Well I got to go. See yah later! *starts leaving*

Sesshomaru- *mutters under breath* Thank you.

You- *heard him due to your high sensitive hearing* Your welcome! *smile*


Saff-chan- Care to do the honors Shippo?

Shippo- Totally! Inuyasha and any other characters do not belong to Saff-chan! Thank you!

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