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Pen Your Pride

Thank for the questions guys! Im really sorry that I havent been able to update a lot lately with my laptop and phone being taken away and all. Anyway! Onward with the questions!

Thanks to @KayaDungey for this question!

Kagome, Do you have feelings for Sesshomaru?


Kagome- Uh? What? Me? I do not have feelings for Sesshomaru! At least not like that!

Shippo- Kagome, are you okay? Youre face is really red.

Kagome- GAH!?

Inuyasha- *looks weirdly at Kagome* Thats just plain weird Kagome, you have feelings for my stupid, idiotic brother?

Kagome- WHAT!? NO! I think of him as a... whats the word im looking for... ah! Ally in some ways.

Inuyasha- No way in hell is he an ally! IN ANY WAY!

Kagome- Inuyasha..... SIT BOY!

Inuyasha- *face plants the ground*


Saff-chan- Care to do the honors Sango?

Sango- Of course! Inuyasha and any other chracters do not belong to Saff-chan! Bye!

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