Shawn Mendes- Party

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Shawn and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. It was kind of hard for us not to be. Considering our moms were best friends and he lived right next door to me. Also, we were around the same age, him only being about a year older than me. So, who could blame me for falling hopelessly in love with my best friend?
He was the one who was always there for me when I needed him the most. The only other person who knows my feelings toward Shawn is my older sister Rhi.
She told me that I need to tell Shawn that I like him before he leave for tour, but I can't bring myself to do it.
Tonight Rhi is hosting a pool party with the help of her boyfriend Michael Clifford. Yes you read that right. My sister is dating the one and only Michael Gordon Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Michael said that the party was going to be huge.
Of course Rhi invited Shawn and a few of my other friends so that I wouldn't be "lonely"
The party starts at 7, it's 4 right now.
Rhi and Michael were downstairs getting all of the food and decorations ready for the party. Michael said something about putting lights in the pool tonight.
I walked down the steps and began to help them out with getting the food ready when Shawn walked in.
Rhi: haven't you heard of knocking Shawn?!
Michael: Shawny boy! What's up?
Shawn: this is basically my house Rhi. And Mikeyyyy wazzzzuppp?
Me: Shawn!!
Shawn: Tay!!
He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in for a hug. My head laid comfortably on his chest with his hands on my lower back. He hugged me really tight for a few seconds and then pulled away leaving me blushing. Hopefully he didn't notice that.
Michael: you don't hug me like that Shawny :(
Rhi: stop flirting with Shawn and help me Mikey!!
Me: Sis, let them have their bromance moment!
She just shook her head and continued to set up the drinks and chips.
Shawn began to help set everything up with me outside.
I started to clean around the pool when I felt someone push me. I slowly fell into the warm pool water.
When I surfaced Shawn was looking down at me with an amused look on his face.
I frowned and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.
Me: Shawny, why did you do that to me?
Shawn: dammit don't give me those sad eyes. You're making me regret it.
Me: now I'm going to have to go up stairs, blow dry my hair and change all over again :(
Shawn: baby I'm sorry I though that it would be funny but now I feel bad.
Me: did you just call me baby?
Shawn: what? No I uh I said Tay!
I could have sworn I heard him say baby but I shook it off and got out of the pool.
Shawn backed away from me and that gave me and idea.
I started to slowly walk towards him with my arms open.
Me: aw doesn't Shawn want a hug?
Shawn: hell no you're soaked.
I cornered him and gave him a big hug.
Shawn: yet you still hug me anyways.
Me: you're welcome ;)
I walked back into the house.
As soon as Rhi saw me she began laughing.
Rhi: what happened?
Me: why don't you ask Shawn?
Rhi: Shawn what did you do?
Shawn: I may have pushed her into the pool?
Rhi: oh my gosh!
Michael: I wanted to watch, what the hell Shawn!
Me: wow, Mikey I'm feeling the love. Anyways I'm going upstairs to change since I'm soaked.
Rhi: oh stop complaining, you have to change into your bathing suit anyways.
I shook my head and walked toward my room. I searched through my dresser until I found my purple and blue polka dot bikini. I went into my bathroom and quickly changed into the bikini. I put shorts and a see through shirt over top of the bikini and began to blow dry my hair.
I also put on a little bit of mascara and bright lip stick.
I felt someone watching me so I looked over into my room to see Shawn sitting on my bed watching me.
Shawn: what's with the lipstick?
Me: there's going to be black lights!! Why does it look bad?
Shawn: no I mean it looks great I was just wondering!
Me: okay!! What shoes should I wear?
Shawn: your flats or sandals.
I grabbed my neon blue sandals and quickly stepped into them.
Me: thanks Shawn!!
He nodded and followed me as I walked out of my bedroom and into the living room.
I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was only 6. We still had 30 minutes until people were going to start to show up.
Me: what do you guys want to do until everyone shows up?
Rhi: do you want to help me find those lights?
I nodded and we walked upstairs, me following her into the room.
Rhi: when are you and Shawn just going to get together? It's obvious that he likes you!
Me: no it's not!
Rhi: that's why he looks at you with heart eyes all of the time right?
Me: he does not!!
Rhi: yes, he does!
I just shook my head and went over to the closet and began to get all of the lights out. I knew that we wouldn't be able to get all of them in one trip so I just took as many lights as I could and began to set them up for tonight.
After all of the lights were set up the doorbell started to ring.
One after another people began to arrive at our house.
Rhi said that she planned on playing truth or dare around 8 when everyone showed up.
After everyone got to our house, there was around 200 people.
Right now I was hanging with a few of my girl friends.
They were blabbing about some new gossip, but I was looking for one person that I had lost in the crowd. Shawn.
I was looking everywhere for him when my friends squealed and drug me over to where everyone was standing in a circle.
Me: what-
Rhi: hey guys, we are going to play Truth or dare!
The next thirty minutes was spent watching people embarrass themselves. Someone got dared to go streaking down the street, another one got dared to call a random contact in their phone and tell them that they got them pregnant.
I wasn't really paying attention until I heard one of my friends, Allison call Shawn's name.
Oh great, just great.
Allison: Shawn truth or dare?
Shawn: Hmm lets go with dare ;)
Allison: kiss the most beautiful girl here.
Shawn's eyes immediately landed on mine. And he nervously walked over to me.
He leaned in and kissed my cheek.
Allison: oh you little ass. I meant kiss on the lips.
I slapped her as my cheeks grew red. I gave her the look as he nervously shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
The game continued but I didn't pay any attention to it. I couldn't think of anything besides the fact that Shawn though I was the prettiest girl out of all of the other girls at that party. Does that mean he likes me in the way that I like him?
My thoughts were interrupted when someone shoved me. I turned around to see Rhi.
Me: what the-
Rhi: go get Shawn Tay!! He's waiting for you.
I blushed and turned around to see Shawn standing across from me a good distance away from me. I sigh and walk over to him.
Shawn: hey
Me: so you really-
Shawn: god, yes Tay. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. I have had feelings for you ever since we were young. The first time I realized was when we were around 5 or 6 and you made yourself a flower crown and asked me if you looked pretty. That's when I realized that I had a crush on you. I thought the feeling would go away. I was wrong. The feelings I have towards you now, I can't even explain them in words. I- I want you to be mine. I want to sing to you. I want to hold you. I want to introduce you to my friends as mine. So what do you say? Give me a chance?
Me: Shawn. I never knew that you felt the same way towards me as I did you. Yes I'll give you a chance.
He looked at me as if saying "Can I?" So I nodded my head and he kissed me. His hands held on to my waist as mine rested against his chest. It felt amazing. You know how people describe it as fireworks and butterflies? Well with him it's more than that. My stomach basically exploded when his lips met mine. The kiss lasted only for a few seconds.
When he pulled away he put our foreheads together. Our hands remained where they were and I grinned.
Shawn: that was a lot better than I imagined.
Me: yes it was, but I think you have a little bit of lipstick right there!
I pointed to his lips and he chuckled and wiped it away.
Shawn: do you want to swim?
I nodded and we walked towards the pool. I was going to push him in. Once I took off my shorts and shirt and he had his shoes and shirt off we walked over to the edge. I attempted to shove him into the pool but he had his arms around my waist. That didn't work out like I thought it would have. When we resurfaced we were both cracking up.
Me: well that certainly didn't turn out like I planned!

That was the beginning of Shawn and I's goofy but amazing relationship.

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