After getting a room in a really nice hotel with only a little amount of money i decided to go take a shower. when i was washing my body i couldn't help but wish it was Matt washing it for me.

i went into my room dripping wt with water and with only a towel covering my body. i entered the room and saw Matt lying on my bed in only his boxers with some toys layed out next to him.

'' umm...what...what are you doing in here'' i ask Matt shyly getting turned on a little bit.

''well why don't i show you '' replies Matt.

Matt pushed me on my bed, he used the fury read cuffs he had and cuffed me to the bed pole. before i could say something else he put what i think was like a gag so i could shut up even though i couldn't speak and he knew that he asked me if i wanted this. i was mad at him but i was seriously turned on.

i nodded my head telling him to go on. Matt started kissing my neck very slowly, he bit me a little making me moan. after that he took the towel off me stood up and just started starring at me as if i was the best food or thing he ever saw.

Matt came back on the bed and put both of his hand on my breasts he started massaging them for like thirty minutes. +i wanted to scream at him telli9ng him more but because of the gag over my mouth i couldn't say anything only moan louder and glare at him because he was teasing me and he was doing it on purpose.

i couldn't take the pleasure i was getting from Matt so i closed my eyes and right at the moment Matt stopped. i opened my eyes immediately and saw that he was on the phone calling the hotel kitchen.

'' hi im calling from room number 300 and i was wondering if i could get some chocolate, strawberry and caramel syrup real quick'' asked Matt.

the person must have said something because he replied '' yes right now.''.

Matt decided to take the gag off of my mouth. he sat next to me and just looked at my body while i blushed like crazy. no one said anything and you could definitely feel the sexual tension in the room. just when i decided to finally say something the bell rang.

Matt went to go see w2ho it was and it was probably what he odored. i sat there stunned for what just happened feeling nervous and excited not knowing if i should say something if he comes back.

Matt entered the bedroom in his almost naked glorious. he was in his boxers and i noticed that Matt junior had gotten excited a lot. Matt was looking at me in lust and something else that i couldn't really put my hand on.

he had exactly all the things he asked for in his hand. Matt come in the bed and took the cuffs of my hand while massaging were the cuffs were.

'' i want you to look at me and tell me how you feel'' said mat while i just nod my head.

Matt spread my leg and placed his hand down there while touching and rubbing my kitten. i started moaning...'' right th..there''.. i moaned while he rubbed my clt.'' ooooh more more '' i scream not even thinking or worrying of my neighbors. Matt squirted some caramel syrup all over my stomach and u no where.


i woke up and remembered what happened between Matt and i no we didn't have sex but we sure did do other things and i guess that's why i felt really tired. i heard some noise coming from the living room so i got up from the bed and noticed that i was naked but i didn't really cared. i saw Matt talking to someone on the phone and he was really frustrated.

when Matt saw me he waved at moved his finger toward him telling me to come. so i walked up to him and just stood there and while he was still talking on the phone he made me sit on his lap while he took my breast in his hand massaged it making my moan.

             All we did was make out and other stuff.


here i was back in Matt house again i was in the living room and Matt came back from the kitchen with a beer in his hand.




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