Chapter 20: Files 801 And 802

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"Sir, it can't." She daringly pressed on, "This is very urgent."

"What?" I swiveled to my secretary, giving her my undivided attention. Something I rarely gave to anyone. She squirmed around and began to lightly shake from fear obviously not used to my stare holding her down for more than two seconds, but nevertheless stood her ground.

"File 801 and 802 have gone Code Blue. Someone is trying to access both Files." She said, her voice holding a serious tone.

"Are you certain?" I asked, my voice wavering slightly as I looked her over.

"Affirmative. Files 801 and 802. They have gone Code Blue." She replied, her feet started to shift weight from one to another, faulting with my heated and deadly gaze.

"What is the location?"

"The Frays sir."

My blood ran cold at those words.

"What else?" I asked, signaling that this conversation needs to end soon.

"Nothing sir." She replied, before hurrying out of my office.

My hand reached over to my desk phone and I quickly typed a number I hadn't called for years.

Jess's POV

"Hello?" I asked into the line, confused as to why I was getting a call so late into the night/early morning. It was 2 o'clock when I heard my cell phone go off from my night stand.

"Jess?" The caller on the other line answered. The voice was rough and deep, like he had been smoking most of his life. I didn't recognize it.

"Yes?" I replied, confused as to who was contacting me so late and why.

"Files 801 and 802 are attempting to be accessed."

I quickly sprung up from the comfort of my bed and slid my feet into the house slippers by my bedside. I grabbed my robe that was on my dresser and made my way quickly down the steps to my office.

"Who is this?" I hissed angrily into the phone as I made my way down the steps.

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is figuring out who is trying to access those files. You know your mission, don't stray from the job. When you have figured out who the culprit is, I need you to call back this number. Let it ring 3 times then hang up. Call again and let it ring 3 times then hang up. I will contact you shortly after the second call for a name. Do not let me down or there will be consequences."

"It is not my mission-" I was cut off by the line going dead and the dial tone. I stared wildly at my cell phone, completely prettified. This was no longer my mission, I was let go two years ago and was given the OK to continue on with a family. Why did they suddenly need me again? My mind went back to the beginning of the conversation. File 801 and 802... Was it time? Was this a call to action? My mind whirled as I set down in my desk to make sense of the situation. The thing that kept ringing in my head was Why didn't I recognize the voice?

Tyler's POV

"What the hell!" Winter yelled, completely frustrated now.

"What?!" I asked, whizzing around to the computer screen.

"This ones weird as well!" She said, desperately trying to find the autopsy report.

"So what your saying is: both your mother's and your grandmother's incident reports are gone?"

"Yes- well- kind of. The incident reports are restricted, I cannot access them and neither can the police. These are government files. What is gone are the remanence of any of these accidents actually happening. I can't even find any of me or my moms medical files. It's as if I never got into an accident, my mom never died, and my grandmother didn't exist. I don't know what's going on."

"You said these files are government clearances?" I asked, my brain already formulating a very risky, most definitely illegal plan.

"Yes, but I cannot hack into that, I don't have the skills to hack a fucking government fire wall!"

"I think I might." I replied, standing up.

Winter swiveled her chair around and looked at me like I had a third arm. "You-... Ya know what? I'm not going to ask." She replied, scooting her chair over to give me room.

"I got arrested at age 14 for computer hacking. My parents were some pretty wealthy people and had no problem making it go away.l" I explained, scooting my chair in and getting to work.

"You never seize to amaze me, Tyler." She replied, smiling at me.

The first wall was an easy break but the second one proved to be a challenge. I rant data configurator into the system then my hacker code which slowly but sure broke down the last wall.

Mystery POV

I just hung up the phone when my secretary rushed back into my office, panic completely visible on her face.

"What?" I asked, already sensing some bad news about the Files. I was in fact right.

"Files 801 and 802 have gone Code Red. Files 801 and 802 have officially been breached sir!" She replied. Horror completely clouding her face.

"Prepare a car." I replied, reaching over my desk to the second drawer from bottom.

Where I usually kept my gun.

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