Chapter 20: Files 801 And 802

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I couldn't find picture that didn't ruin anything in this chapter... So... I posted a selfie xD enjoy the chapter! Xoxo

Tyler's POV

Winter swiftly got up from the position that she was in on the bed and made her way over to her computer.

"What are you doing?" I asked, walking over to sit beside her as she quickly logged on to the search engine.

"Research. I need to pull up my mothers accident file. Hopefully we will find some hidden clues or facts the police looked over that will help us figure out what happened that day." She replied, her fingers typing at a thousands miles a minute into google.

Her face twisted into an unpleasant frown as her fingers continued to typed away.

"What's wrong?" I asked, as her fingers suddenly stopped, hovering above the keyboard.

"There's some kind of fire wall up. The file is completely secured and there are no articles or news reports of anything on the incident. The police records don't have it open to the public eyes and there is literally nothing about what happened!" She replied, completely bewildered.

"That's strange." I replied, looking over her shoulder to the computer screen.


"Do you remember any press during that time? Did this incident get any publicity?" I asked, trying to help the confusing situation.

She stilled for a moment to think as her hands went up to massage her temples. She must still be feeling sick and I had the urge to just hold her and tell her everything was going to be fine... When in all seriousness, I had less a clue as to what was happening than she did.

"I- I can't remember," Winter replied honestly, "I don't think so... I just remember the hospital... then the funeral... then recovery..." She tapered off, trying to go back to that time period. "Nothing else," She continued, "no interviews, no newspaper articles, nothing. I wasn't visited by anyone in the hospital and no one accompanied me to my surgeries that followed the funeral."

"What about extended family? Your moms side? Your dads side?" I asked, feeling angry that no one was there to help her through the funeral or when she woke up from her surgeries.

"None that I can remember. My mom was the only child and her mom past away when I was growing up. Her dad left when she was born and I never knew much or was told anything about him. She had me when she was young, 18 years old. I never met my grandmother as a kid but I do remember attending her funeral. There wasn't many people there but the people that did show up seemed to be impacted deeply by her death. My mom seemed to be more conflicted than sad throughout the funeral but I can't remember much more. She told me that my grandmother was very young when she died, she was in her early 40's."

"Do you remember the cause of death?" I asked, finally opening up to the fact that there was definitely some foul play involved when it came to this family and deaths.

"Let me see if I can access her medical/autopsy report." She replied, as she continued typing...

Mystery POV


"Yes." I replied, already annoyed by the interruption.

"I am here with a status update on the Fray family."

I sighed heavily, completely annoyed at myself for having a status report brought to me so frequently on The Frays.

"Tell me this later," I pleaded which more than likely came out as a bark of command to her. I glanced up at her then went back to the stack of papers neatly spread across my large mahogany desk, trying to figure out where I left off on. "It can wait."

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